Which member of O.I.F. are you secretly in love with?

You have every release, Tiger Beat pinup, action figure. You've named your pet from T-bag, engraved Joystick's initials into your arm with an exacto knife, and insist on calling your little sister Fridget, which is met with concerned looks from your mother. Your obsession with new pop sensation O.I.F. knows no bounds.

Aren't you curious to see which hottie from your best friend is secretly obsessed with? What if it's the same one as you and you have to poison her diet coke? Stop wondering and find out once and for all, so you can move on with your life.

Created by: a groupie of O.I.F.
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  1. Which religion most closely resembles yours?
  2. It's Friday night. Where can you be found?
  3. How does your date romance you?
  4. What does your object of obsession typically wear?
  5. Which celebrity most resembles your crush?
  6. Which cause of death sounds most appealing to you?
  7. What sweet nothings does your love whisper into your ear?
  8. Your secret crush brings you a romantic gift. What is it?
  9. What were you in a former life?
  10. And finally, how often do you get hit on by gay men?

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Quiz topic: Which member of O.I.F. am I secretly in love with?