Does he secretly like/love you?

Love? No way he can't love ME! I'm, I'm- Just right evidently! Hey girls do you want to know if its true. Do your friends say he likes you, well lets see take my quiz and we will find out!! hope you enjoy and get your results your looking for!!! TTHHAANNXX!!

There are lots of guys out there, including him! Do you know that he might secretly LOVE you. YEAH youu girl, be careful around him he might ask you out when your not ready. Take my quiz and find out!! TTTTHHHHAAAANNNNXXXX!!!!

Created by: Courtney
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does he stare at you with his friends and laugh weirdly?
  2. At dances when you go to the bathroom does his friends push him toward you and yell "Look there is ______!"
  3. When your paired up with him in a project did hee act all sweet and goofy-ish?
  4. Has he ever hit you?
  5. Has he ever kicked you in the butt?
  6. When he talks to you does he studder and talk about random stuff?
  7. Have you every had dreams about him because you know he likes you?
  8. How often does he talked to you?
  9. A.Has he ever admitted to liking you? B.How bout another girl?
  10. Is he a...
  11. Is he...
  12. How was my quiz?

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