Do You Really Know My Man Chris Brown??

This Quiz Is About CHRIS BROWN. If you Think You Know Him Better than Me Then Prove It. When You Answer These Questions Then You Will Get To See The Percentage To Of How Much You Knw Him And To Of Much You Don't know Him. You Can See That You did Good But Then You Can see That You did Bad. If You Do Bad Then You Should Go Study And then Come Back To See If You Know Him or not.

Do YOU Know My Man? Or Do YOU THINK You Know Him? Well, Why Don't You Come And Find Out If You Do Or Don't. Anyone Can Take The Quiz. Boys, Girls, Kids, teens, Adults, Elders, Anyone Can Because It's Just Asking About His Personalitie And his Favorite things. Take The Quiz if You Not Scared!!!

Created by: Darya Johnson!!
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. When Is His Birthday???
  2. Where Was He Born??
  3. What Does He Do??
  4. Who Are His Inspiration??
  5. Whats His Sign?
  6. When Did His First CD Come Out?
  7. How Old Was He When His mom Was Looking For A Record deal??
  8. What Is His Favorite Movies??
  9. Whats His Favorite Desert??
  10. Whats His Favorite Drink??
  11. Whats his Favorite Sport??
  12. How Many Siblings Does He Have??
  13. Whats his Favorite Subject??
  14. Favorite Clothing Line??

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Quiz topic: Do I Really Know My Man Chris Brown??