What colour should your hair REALLY be?

Most people dont read this part but I'm going to do this anyway. I just wanted to know if you got the results you wanted. I'm bored so I made this.I need to take up alot of space so I will be talking in alot of large Adjectives.

So should your hair really be black, blonde, red, or brown? Find out now! Well, in this quiz of course! The rare red! The slow blonde! The maintained/rocker black! The friendly brown! Good luck on this greatful quiz!

Created by: Ailey
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Describe yourself.
  2. Your teacher asks you what 2+2 is. You answer:
  3. A strange man comes up to you. He begins his sentnce, "It's raining you know. I can take you home. Just hop into my car." You are equiped with a rubber band. You react:
  4. Pick a number
  5. Did you like this quizzzzzz??? (Does not effect score)
  6. Did you think that last question was the last?
  7. Bored by now?
  8. This is the last question
  9. Muahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!
  10. ....

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Quiz topic: What colour should Ir hair REALLY be?