which hottie will you love (part 2)

RECAP: on my first one you were taken by 4 hotties to a mansion where you will stay and decide who you love. it was going great until you met conner... anyway enjoy the quiz O.o

guys: josh- funny with blond hair and blue eyes. nick- shy with brown hair and brown mezmerizing eyes. seth- hawt with huge musceles and rock hard abs. jacoby- gothic/emo with black hair over one eye and has green eyes

Created by: Destinee
  1. seth says that conner is like a stalker and will track you down and follow you everywhere. he also tells you that they will have to watch you more carefully now.
  2. you ask seth where his room is so you will know if you need any help. he shows you and takes you inside he locks the door behind you and ya'll start making out. then you here a knock on the door. its josh and once the door is unlocked he comes in and says. hey i'v got my library card and im checking you out. he pulls you into his room and starts kissing you.
  3. when he finally puts away you notice he has no shirt on. josh notices you staring he asks if you like what you see you laugh and start kissing him again. then you leave and bump into jacoby
  4. jacoby takes you to his room and kisses you then he asks you if your ok (he heard about conner) you say your fine then he says he needs to show you something. he takes off his shirt and you see a scar. you ask what happened he says that he was at conners house on day swimming when all of a sudden he cuts me
  5. you walk back to your room and see conner laying on your bed. he sees you a says i missed you doll face and kisses you. you scream and all the boys come into your room. (nick is finaly back)
  6. nick grabs your hand and pulls you out of there and asks if your ok
  7. when the boys finally get conner to leave you see if there ok they are and you follow nick to his room. he tells you the reason he was a guitar practice so long is because he wrote you a song. he plays it for you and you tell him its amazing and then kiss him goodnight
  8. but before you leave nick asks you on a date you tell him sure and go to bed
  9. did you like this quiz
  10. who do you love

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Quiz topic: Which hottie will I love (part 2)