which hottie will you love (part 3)

ITS PART 3 omg. it took me awhile but its out YEEEAAAH!!! hope you enjoy it and if you get nick you cant have him cuz he's mine. no its ok but if he was real he would be mine.

guys: josh blond hair blue eyes extreamly HI-larious. nick shy but hot with brown hair and brown eyes. jacoby emo/goth with black hair and green eyes. seth huge musceles and has blond hair and brown eyes...i think omg i dnt even no my own character

Created by: Destinee
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  1. you wake up a little bit before the sun rises you go out on the balcony and watch it rises. then you hear a vioce behind you
  2. well it just happens to be conner he grabs you and tells you to come with him and tells you again that he loves you more than the other guys. you luckily get a scream out before he shuts your mouth. only jacoby and nick hear you but there enough to get you away from conner. but you hit your head and go unconsious.
  3. when you come thru you see nick leaning over you when he sees your eyes open he says "shes ok guys". you ask him what happened he says that you hit your head while they got conner away. then he asks you if you still want to go on your date with him. you tell him that your ok and ask the guys to leave so you can get ready. you decide on a black and white striped shirt and faded blue jeans when you come down all the boys stare at you. you wink at
  4. nick takes you to the movies you see twilight (he let you pick) he pulls the yawn move on you and when you see a scary part you hide you head in his chest. your thinkin
  5. he takes you back to the mansion and you follow him to his room. you to start making out and fall asleep in his arms
  6. you wake up before nick and kiss him awake. he smiles and you walk hand in hand to breakfest. josh says "the lovebirds finally woke up" you laugh and make your fav breakfest. (no effect)
  7. all the guys what to sit with you, but who do you want to sit by
  8. after breakfest seth tells you to meet him by the pool what r u gna were
  9. whatever you chose he says you look hot. you both jump in the pool and have a blast untill.....
  11. who do you love

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Quiz topic: Which hottie will I love (part 3)