The Warrior of heart 2

Hello and welcome to part 2! Seems to be a little early, eh? Anyways, thanks to all of these people who commented: XxdarkxX, Cuddles, X_Struckdumby_X, Anastasha, Xy624 and love or death. Please come back for part 3 on saturday and please comment and rate my quiz! Recap: You are now done training and you are going to ask Ayshui, Whandul and Vibyr about they're childhood life!

Vibyr (Vi-bur), the most handsome gentleman, who actually is sweet and calm to people and he knows how to help others in a good mood. Ayshui (I-Shew-ee), the most competitive warrior, who sometimes doesn't listen to the guys and he gets upset easily. Whandul (Won-dull), The most unforgetable gentleman who likes to keep promises, and would love to train in the Lighting room. and lastly, Kharskue (Kars-koo), the most strongest gentleman who actually would step in for others and knows how to fight in a good way.

Created by: BigGirl
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  1. "Well, it all started," Ayshui explains, "When I was a 5 year old boy. I was in a hometown called Eyuion (E-yoo-in), and I was training to fight in my beautiful house. Suddenly, my parents were taken away and I was all alone as an orphan who moved to a foster's home. Those parents were mean, and they were spanking me with my black belt from karate if I didn't listen. When I turned 13, I failed middle school and had to be treated homeschool at that horrible house, and I wasn't very happy. and now, here I am, in this city called Ryhoopian (Roop-ee-in), with Whandul,Vibyr and Kharskue".
  2. When you left Ayshui's bedroom, you couldn't stop thinking about what he said. Suddenly Whandul stopped by with his hand on the wall. "Hey, babe, can I give you company?" he asks. "Sure..." you giggle as you reply. "How was your life, though?" you then ask. Whandul rolls his eyes and he chuckles as he tells his story about his life. "Ok, well, it all started when I was 10 years old on the phone, talking to Kharskue. Suddenly, I heard a whip in the kitchen, and there, there was my parents dead with a silver blade and blood dripping on it. I almost cried when I saw my parents, so I moved to a foster's home with Ayshui. They spanked me even HARDER and I hated them. When I turned 14, I totally hated living in Whynker (Win-kur) city, and I decided to move here with the guys".
  3. When Whandul walked away and backed to his bedroom, everybody was sleeping, except Vibyr. So you went to Vibyr's bedroom, and there it was. A green modern background with pictures of himself and Kharskue hanging on the wall, and a really soft bed next to a beautiful table and swivel chair where there was a computer. Vibyr then asks, "What?". "What's your life about?" you ask. "My life was good." he says. "Well, tell me then" you reply. "Fine..." he says. "Well, It all started in a town called Khanari (Ka-nar-ee) where I was being trained in a dunegon. I was a very student, so I get to be free and lived in a beautiful home with 2 nice parents. When I turned 15, I went to high school and everybody liked me as well. Now, I'm 17 in this cool city, here with you".
  4. After that, you heard a yell in the dining room and it was 1:30 AM (It was still night time). "_____, Ayshui, Whandul and Vibyr, we need to get ready for our mission!" Kharskue yells. Well, what kind of mission?" You ask. "We need to get my hometown called Avanui (Av-a-nee) because Venom dragons are everywhere in that destination!" he explains. "Ok, let us pack our bags and I'll get Amy-chun" Whandul says.
  5. (resuming you chose the 1st one) "Oh, Amy-chun?" Kharskue answers as he listens to your question. "Thats Whandul's sister. She has brown hair, hazel eyes and she's very nice. she's like, 15 years old but sometimes, she becomes a little harsh". "Ooh..." you say. "I didn't know there was another person here!". Then you and the guys go up to your rooms and start packing your bags.
  6. The next morning, the airplane arrived in a really soft landing. "Time to go, you guys!" Amy-chun yells as everybody runs down. When everybody was on the plane, the plane took off and there we were, up in the sky! You and the guys saw beautiful mountains,skyscrapers and canals before we were completely up in the sky. Then, you looked around of what the guys and Amy-chun were doing. Kharskue was drawing on his sketch pad, Whandul was exhausted and he slept deeply, Vibyr was watching a kung fu movie called, "Hyu: The golden warrior", Ayshui was looking at pictures of his family that he saw and Amy-chun, the one who's sitting next you, well, is listening to her I-pod and is humming happily.
  7. Amy-chun then looks up to you and says, "Who are you?". "Oh, I'm ______. nice to meet you, Amy!" you reply as you shake hands. "Don't you Amy me, punk!" she says. "Well excuse me, I'm a girl who was kidnapped by those cute guys!" you say angrily. Suddenly, the guys stare at you and Amy-chun as you two were arguing.
  8. "But I'm---" before you finished the sentence that you were telling Amy-chun, she slapped you and she kicked Kharskue out of his seat, so he had to sit next to you. "Wow, you two are not getting along well" Kharskue tells you. "Yeah, she seems to be a little harsh" you reply. "Told you that sometimes she's no good" he says.
  9. "So, how is your life?" you ask curiously to Kharskue. "Well, uh-u-uh" he says. Suddenly, Amy-chun slaps Kharskue and Kharskue gets very dizzy. You kick Amy-chun in the face, and she runs to Whandul to tell him what happened. "Sissy" you call Amy-chun as she runs away. You still wait for Kharskue's answer but then he falls asleep. You then beep a horn and he wakes up. "Wha-wha-what?" he says. "Oh, sorry, I misunderstood. anyways, It all started when..." he explains.
  10. Oopsies, Cliffhanger! Come back for part 3!

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