Who will you love? part 2

Ok part 2! the guys are going to show your their awesome powers!! Recap: you've been kidnapped by 4 hot guys named Gavin, Blake, Seth and Conner who need you for some unknown reason. Each of them have special kick booty powers! & so do you! choose which is your true love!

Description of the guys ♥Seth - Cute! medium height, tousled blonde hair, bright blue eyes ♥Gavin - Hot! tall, tanned skin, dark brown hair and cheeky grin, chocolate brown eyes ♥Blake - Shy! short with longish bronze hair, dimples and glass green eyes ♥Conner - Mysterious! Also tall, pale skin, jet black hair that falls over one eye, grey eyes

Created by: Allie
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  1. there was a small silence before Gavin tryed again. "Well _____ we're a little different... We have powers" He looked up from under his hair to see the look on your face.
  2. Gavin laughs at your reaction and says "We can prove it if you want" he smirks and lifts up one hand. He rubs his fingers together and sparks fly off them, the small sparks suddenly turn into a jolt of energy that hits the chandlier & it comes crashing down. "Nice going." mutters Blake rolling his eyes.
  3. Gavin laughs and takes your hand. Seth frowns and says "Quit showing off Gavin its my turn now."
  4. Seth takes a knife out from a drawer. "Gavin?" he says with a wide grin on his face. "Sure" Says Gavin laughing as he goes to stand next to Seth. Seth then takes the knife and stabs Gavin through the stomach!
  5. Gavin falls to the floor. Meanwhile Seth stands still looking very calm and relaxed. to your amazment the hole in Gavin's stomach completly disapears!!! Gavin then stands up and waves at you.
  6. "the power of healing. I was healing you for 3 days there was alot of damage" says Seth. In all the commotion you realise Conner is missing, your just about to say something when Gavin announces its Blakes turn. Blake comes forward and looks into your eyes. Blushing
  7. Blake looks at you for a moment first with fustraition then confusion. "I'll try Gavin instead" he says turning toward Gavin. Blakes face suddenly becomes disgusted, he cringes and looks at Gavin again "Its bad enough hearing you talk about her like that, its even worse having to see your little fantasies." Gavin laughs even louder turns to you and says "Blakes power is mind reading, though sometimes he sees things he shouldnt." He grins at Blake and heads out the room with Seth.
  8. Blake approaches you shyly and says "tomorrow we're going to figure out what your power is so i guess we'll be spending alot more time together" he smiles sweetly and blushes "I'll see you tomorrow in the lab!" He waves and departs the room.
  9. you're just about to go to bed when you hear sweet singing coming from the balcony. you go and investigate and see Conner alone you...
  10. you're just about to go to bed when you hear sweet singing coming from the balcony. you go and investigate and see Conner alone you...
  11. He smiles at you and says "I guess you want to know my power?" you nod and he says "My singing can control people. i can make someone do whatever i want." he looks at you "I even used it to make Blake do the dishes before" he added smiling.
  12. "you look tired" He said concerned. Suddenly he sweeps you up in his arms and puts you in your bed. Just before you drift to sleep your hear the same lullaby.
  13. thats it for part 2!! Get ready to find out your power tomorrow with Blake!

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Quiz topic: Who will I love? part 2