Which Guy Will Be Your True Love (Part 2)

This is Part TWO. Like I Said, This Quiz is About 5 Guys Who Took You To Their Hideout Which is A Security Mansion. They Introduce You Themselves And Tell Them What Type Of Guy Matches Their Personality. No Matter What They Have Different Tastes And Attitudes. If You Don't Know What I Mean, Go Back To Part One.

Which Guy Will Be Your True Love? What Taste And Attitude Would You Give? Until Now You Could Only Wonder About It...But Thanks To This Great Quiz, In Just A Few Minutes You Will Find Out!

Created by: Dendea

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  1. When You Had Breakfast Downstairs, Alex Seems To Be A Dark Head And Has A RED EYE. You Don't Understand Why But He Angrily Walked Out Of The Dining Room For No Reason At All.
  2. You Follow Him Into His Bedroom But He Didn't Notice That You Entered His Room. He Was Listening To Music In His Ipod. =P What Do You Say To Him Even If Hes Being Such A (Beep)?
  3. "None Of Your Business" He Said As He Took Off His Headphones. "Tell Me What Happened" You Say As You Walk In The Room. Alex Took A DEEP Breath And Spat Out His Story. "I Was A Little Child With My Mom And My Brothers And My Sisters. They All Died In A Plane Crash But I Survived. I Didn't Want It To Happen Again".
  4. "I Was On My Way To Westwood Bay. Then The Engine Had Trouble And Fell In The Middle Of Spring Beach. In The Water. I Didn't Like It...A Few Years Later, I Was Adapted In A Different Home. Until These Guys Took Me Here. I Want You Not To Tell Them My Secret".
  5. You Walk Out Of The Room To The Arcade. You See William,Cory And Jack Playing Games. Then William Turns To You And Said "There You Are! I Thought You Were At The Pool!".
  6. William Gives You A Strawberry Milkshake Before He Went Back In His Game. What Do You Say?
  7. Steve Came By And Tells You "Hey, Me And The Guys Are Going To The Mall. Wanna Come?". What Is Your Answer To Steve's Question?
  8. After The Mall, It Was Evening. Alex Didn't Come. You See Him Walking In The Hallway And Into The Library. You Follow Him And He Said "Go Away. I Told You My Story. Now Shoo".
  9. It Was Morning Time And The Guys Were Hanging Out In The Huge Backyard. Except For Alex. Hes Being Selfish, Now. You Wonder Why What Made Him Have That Attitude. When You Step Close To Him, What Did He Say?
  10. Well Thats It For Today, Folks. Come Back Later For Part 3 And Part 4!

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