A Love story part 2

This is the follow up of a love story part 1. f you did the first one, then you have to do the second one. It's a must have, you have to find out what happens next, you have to, you have no choice.

Who are you going to fall for in the end? Is it the same as last time? What made you change? So go ahead and try out the second one and find YOUR true love!

Created by: Shelby

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  1. Ben shuts the door to the closet after you are all settled deep in the closet.
  2. You hear from the closet Ben shout." Hey get out of here before you get hurt. The person down stairs says: Where is she. Give her to me and i'll leave you alone. Ben says: I don't know who the hell your talking about so leave before you get hurt. All of a sudden you hear a couple gun shots go off. Then much noise trying to get something metal from a drawer then a shriek.
  3. You jump out of the closet as soon as you hear a car shriek away. You run down stairs and see Ben laying on the kichen floor with a gunshot to his right side of the chest and another bullet in a vase. A little ways near the door was a man with a knife in his heart, obviously dead. You bend over and check Bens pulse. Phew, he's alive!
  4. You call 911 and the cops and ambulance come and take Ben to the hospital same with the mystery man. You call Alex and Jordan and you tell them what happened. " Sorry I wasn't there to help you, babe." Alex apoligizes. " Ya same with me ________
  5. You finally reach the hospital, he docters say he will live.
  6. A few days later Ben is released. " Thank you very much for saving me Ben.." Your welcome. Man you are sweet and sexy. Your a keeper!
  7. You all go out to eat. They offer you gifes. Whos do you like better?
  8. After dinner, you go back to Alex's house. He kisses your hand and heads off to bed.
  9. You're laying in bed in the same room Jordan is laying in. The wind is howling outside. Jordan senses you are scared and crawls into bed with you.
  10. All of a sudden you hear a scratching on the window above your head.

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