i have been seeing alot of story quizzes like this and i decided i want to make one of my own, after all, it is getting popular. anyway, i hope you enjoy this quiz because there will be a part 2 coming. PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE THIS QUIZ!!!!

this quiz is about three magical people that need your help. it also has two other characters that live on blogging, e-mail, and text (vincent marshall51 and peter201kulejay) there is the emo magical character(mandrake)the cool magical character(shawn) and the gay nerd magical character(halma)

Created by: Dunno
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  1. ok before we start, there are some normal regular questions i need to ask: what is your favorite TYPE of color?
  2. how often do you surf the web?
  3. how would you classify?
  4. now with the story: you wake up in the morning and the first thing you say is...
  5. i assume you have a mornig rutine, so now your done with it and you have nothing to do, you...
  6. ur mom calls you down for breakfast, you reply:
  7. after you finnish breakfast, you go to your room to call a friend, descibe him/her:
  8. after that, you look up to find that someone is trying to break into your room , in broad daylight!!! the skin color is:
  9. it's blue. anyway, the hand waves over the bolt on your window and it cliks open, like magic...
  10. the window swings open and three figures step into your room, the first one, mandrake, comes up to you and waves his hand over your head like he did with the window, before you faint from the spell, you wisper...
  11. you feel yourself being lifted and carried away... (part 2 will cointinue this)

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