What is your story?

Who will you choose? What will you do? Who will love you? all of these are good examples of what this is all about! hope you like this little story! and id just like to say that who ever made the quiz Who will you choose? is a great writer, good work!

Im a huge fan of final fantasy so if you have any facts that would be good in a quiz, go ahead and leave a comment with it in there i would much appriciate it!

Created by: Yuki
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  1. Your in a library reading a book about fantasy, as you look up from the ook you see the most cutest guys in school, you-
  2. they see you and start coming towards you, you stop what ever your doing and hold still in shock. Jake puts his hand on your shoulder and says "hoooold on there miss" you-
  3. (Asuming you didnt choose 6)Jake turns you around and lays his hands on both your shoulders and he closes his eyes. saun asks, "is she the one" jake replies "yup, here you gotta come with us" you-
  4. with out even listening to your responce, Jake slides his hand down to your wrists and draggs you over to his car and shoves you in, you-
  5. (assuming you didnt choose death) they lock you in and they all get in and Saun drives and jake sits next to you.-
  6. in the car you are driving through dence forest, the bys are having small conversation when suddenly you blurt out"OK WHY ARE YOU GUYS DOING THIS? I WANT ANSWERS AND I WANT EM NOW!" they all look at you and ---- explains, who?
  7. well you see, we all have a very good reason and we will explain once we arrive ok?, you say-
  8. nobody responds so you turn to face the window and quietly start drift off to sleep... you wake up-
  9. In the building all the other boys crouch near you and stare at you. you look at them with a confused look as a nurse walks into the room and asks is this the one?" yes it is" well then ill take her into the room.you ask"what room" nobody responds all the guys look sad as your carried into a room, you then relise you can move, none of you joint are working so you just look around as your brought in to a white room with needles and thing that look like they absorb something. your scared and confused. ---- looks at you with depressing eyes and puts his hand on yours, you cant even feel his hand yet you can see it and you blush.who?
  10. you are carried and layed down on a hospital bed, the nurse starts to attach the sucking things to you. you are confused and scared, but are too dazed to do anything about it. ---- starts to cry as a doctor in the room pulls a lever. You start to feel waker and weaker, even weaker that before, you feel your heart begin to slow. right before all things fade, you mutter ----, who?
  11. This is the end for part one! sorry to leave you off on a cliff hanger! hope you take the second when it comes out!

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Quiz topic: What is my story?