Which Guy Will Be Your True Love (Part 3)

You Are In The Security Mansion Trying To Find Out The Rest Of The Story All The Guys (Except Cory) Are Keeping. Your Secret Is The Beginning Park. Whos The Next Destination?

Which Guy Will Be Your True Love? What Is Your Taste And Attitude? Until Now You You Could Only Wonder...But Thanks To This Wonderful Quiz, In A Few Minutes You Will Find Out!

Created by: Dendea
  1. Continuation: You Back Off From Alex's Insult, Until William Stands In Your Way. "Alex, Shut Your Fat Mouth Or I'll Twist It For You!" He Said With An Angry Look. Then Suddenly, They Both Fight. What Do You Do?
  2. You Give Up Being Insulted And Just Explore The House. The Place is Beautiful, Antique And Valuable. You Like All The Rooms But You Don't Know Which One Is Your Favorite. Whats Your Decision?
  3. Suddenly You Appear In The Gallery. Five Paintings Are Hung Up There And All The Guys Created Them. You Really Like All The Styles Of Art Tools They Made. Which Is Your Favorite Masterpiece?
  4. After You Explored The House, You Are Now Looking For Steve. You Look In Everywhere Until He Scares You. "BOO!" Says Steve Appearing In The Hallway. "Let Me Guess...Want Me To Tell You About Alex's Past?". Whats Your Answer?
  5. "Ok." Says Steve Clearing His Throat. "Well...When His Parents Died He Was Alone With A Traveler Named Travis. They Have Gone 87 MPH. They Appeared In Some Dessert And Stopped At A Sandwich Shack. After A Second, The Traveler Disappeared In A Flash. Alex Was All Alone."
  6. Steve Suddenly Disappeared In A Second. You Were Suddenly Alone But Don't Know Who To Find Yet. Which Guy Do You Think Will You Find Now?
  7. You Try To Find Jack In The Disco Room. He Isn't There. You Went To The Library, But He Didn't Notice You. He Was Reading An Excyclopedia. Then He Looks Up To You. "What Can I Do For You, ____?" He Asks Sweetly.
  8. "I See..." He Says Back. "After The Traveler Disappeared, Two Men Kidnapped Him. He Took Him To This Mansion And Locked Him Up In The Supply Closet Which Was Remodeled As The Attic. =P".
  9. "Thats All I Know." Says Jack. "Sorry". You Then Appear To Find William. Cory's Too Shy To Talk So William Is Your Final Destination. Where Do You Think He Is In?
  10. Thats It For Today, Folks! Come Back For Part 4,5 And 6!

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Quiz topic: Which Guy Will Be my True Love (Part 3)