which guy will you fall in love with part 3

Okay, you have to take the first two quizzes before you take this one. The last quiz I left you with a cliffhanger where Gavin is in your bedroom... I know scary right! Anyway, take this part to find out what happens next!

So here's the sitch, you have to pick from four awesome guys. There's Seth, Adam, Josh, and Alex. You have a month to live with them in a gorgeous house, and by the end of the month you have to decide who you want. Sound good? I betcha it does? So... which guy will you fall in love with?

Created by: rebekahgilman
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  1. Gavin steps closer to you. "I told you you'd regret that," What do you do?
  2. Whatever you did, the boys all came running into your room. When they saw Gavin they all immediatley went to attack him. Gavin however is rather fast and was able to jump out your window, and dissapear into the darkness of the night. The boys turn around to look at you. "What did Gavin do to you?" Alex asked. You respond...
  3. Seth gives you a hug, "I won't let that jack hurt you babe." Adam kisses your check, Josh gives your hand a squeeze, and Alex puts his arm around you. What are you thinking?
  4. You go to bed and have a nightmare about Gavin. You scream in your dream and Josh wakes you up. "Are you okay?" he whispers, "I heard you screaming. I wanted to make sure everything was alright." You give him a big hug. "I'm okay," you sigh, "It was just a nightmare." He gives you a smile, "Don't worry babe, I'll get that loser." What are you thinking.
  5. Josh leaves and you go back to sleep. What was your dream about?
  6. You walk downstairs the next morning and Alex is making pancakes. He gives you a stack. You're really hungry! The two of you talk when Seth wakes up. "I heard screaming last night," he says looking tired, "Was everything alright." You tell him you a night mare about Gavin. Then Adam comes down and gives you a hug. Finally Josh rolls out of bed. The boys all stand there and look at you. "We have to ask you something," they say. What are you thinking?
  7. The boys start laughing. "You looked kinda scared," Adam chuckled, "But we just wanted ask you if you wanted to go see a movie tonight with us." "Sure!" you agree. Who are you looking forward to sitting by at the movies?
  8. You get ready to go to the movies. You pick out a cute denim mini skirt and a cute v-neck sweater that's white with a red cami underneath. You walk downstairs to put on your red high heels and the boys stare. They all make a cute comment, who's do you like more?
  9. The five of you get tickets to go see Twlight! (You've already seen it, but you LOVE IT!) The boys then fight who you should sit by. Then, you hear a voice. "I'll sit by her," You turn around and Gavin's there!
  10. Come back for part 4! I know you want to!

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Quiz topic: Which guy will I fall in love with part 3