Who will you love? part 14

Part 14 is here. [= I shall say again, if anyone could have a go at drawing the characters i would LOVE that, i've now drawn Conner too =D so yeah if there's any budding artists out there, get Drawing!!

Strange things are happening in peoples dreams but what's the cause?!? you have fun in the pool with Blake! yay! So go have fun and comment and rate and whatever!

Created by: Alethea
  1. Everything is black.. but you can hear the quiet sound of footsteps. "Hello? Anyone here?" you call out, your voice echos and you hear a deep voice reply "I'm here.". "Theo!" you say in surprise.
  2. He's standing in the shadows so you can't see him properly. "Theo, come in the light so i can see you." you say. He walks slowly toward you, when he's in the light you can see his perfect eyes and charming smile. "Hello _____." He says waiting for your reaction..
  3. "But you're dead." you say stammering slightly. He raises one eyebrow and says "Really? Could a dead man do this?" He suddenly takes you in his arms and starts kissing you passionately and to your surprise you're kissing him back. He stops kissing you and whispers gentley in your ear, "Still think i'm dead?"
  4. "I don't know.." you say staring into his eyes unable to think straight. He grins mischeavously "Wrong answer!" He picks you up in his arms and swings you round in the air, you're both laughing and he eventually puts you down and puts his arms around you and you both stand enjoying the embrace.
  5. "_____, there's one thing i need you to do for me.." he says hugging you tighter. "What's that?" you ask. He puts his lips right next to your ears and says quietly "Wake up..".
  6. you wake up gasping, unsure whether that really just happened. It felt so real. Seth is asleep next to you, not wanting to disturb him you kiss him lightly on the forehead and exit the room. you go into the bathroom and look in the mirror, you can see sweat on your forehead, you decide to take a shower and get clean before you go down for breakfast, when you do come down there's one person your eyes go to..
  7. you laugh when you see Gavin's look of surprise. "Crap yeah, i forgot we had a girl living here.." He says winking at you. Blake laughs and says sarcasticly "yeah SURE you forgot." Gavin rolls his eyes and walks toward the door, just before he goes he touches your shoulder and says "I'll see you later." He winks cheekly and leaves.
  8. After breakfast Blake asks you. "Umm So i was wondering. Do you want to go the pool? there's one out at the back of the house."
  9. ARGH, now you have to pick out something to wear..
  10. So you go into the garden in the outfit of your choice and are greeted by a glittering blue pool, it looks perfect. you see Blake by the side of the pool, his bronze hair's already wet and is sparkling in the light of the sun. He runs his hand through his hair, when he hears your approaching he looks up and smiles. you can't help being distracted by his abs! "My face is up here." He says laughing.
  11. He laughs and you laugh along with him. "So are you gonna come in?" He asks. "Maybe.." you say and you move to stand behind him. you giggle and push him in. He comes up to the surface, grins and says "I'm so going to get you back." you stick out your tongue and jump in next to him.
  12. After a long day of pool fun you get out and dry yourself off. you put a sundress on top of you swim stuff, Blake has also got changed into cutoff jeans and a plain black shirt. He puts his hand on your shoulders and leans in to kiss you, but just as you're about to kiss he says "I still need to get you back.". It's then you realise you're right at the side of the pool, knowing his plan you decide to take him down with you and you both land fully clothed in the pool!
  13. He pushes his wet hair out his face and says "Now that's taken care of, there's something else i need to do.." "Wha-" you get cutoff as he kisses you. you slide your arms around his neck and enjoy the sun. He lifts you out the pool and shakes his hair, spraying you with water, he then gives you a (very wet) hug and the two of you walk inside.
  14. Blake sighs and says "I hope i'll be able to sleep tonight, i barely slept at all last night. I had some wierd dreams.."
  15. you slip into bed still smiling to yourself and just before you're asleep you hear faint singing.. you don't even know it's real, you can barely hear it.. it sounds like Conner. "_____!" you hear Theo's voice..
  16. Whoo doo youu lovee? Oh yes and my army of Sumo Ninjas can take your racoons anyday!! =P

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