I will Love you Forever (part 4)

Okay, here is part 4! Sorry it took awhile, i was grounded...and i kind of forgot about this until my friend told me about it and then i remembered, or else i might've not have made part 4. WEll this is it

Umm, hope you enjoy this and umm...again, sorry it took awhile and yeah. This quiz is almost done too because i'm getting kind of tired of making this.hahah but i'm not going to quit until i finish this.

Created by: Kristine
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  1. Kaitlin told you that she loves you and feels awkward around you now. Well, anyways...you hear someone crying...who do you think it is?
  2. The person you hear crying isnt Elli...and it isnt Liz..and it's not Kaitlin for sure..cuz she's not one of the choices..soo it's Karen. What do you do?
  3. Well..say you chose choice one. Ok..so then you two start talking and she tells you that her parents are thinking of moving far away. What's ur reaction?
  4. She tells you the whole story, and you decide to do what?
  5. Where do u guys go?
  6. You buy whatever she wants...and then after that..you guys start talking again...Then...she kisses you, and leaves...what r u thinking?
  7. Well, you go home..and you have so many things on your mind...
  8. Okay...so after u were done thinking..you decided to try to make Karen's parents stay. How?
  9. They said that they would think about it. Soo you leave you after that. Then, you get phone call from Karen...(dont ask how she knows ur phone #) anywaise...she tells you that she's not moving anymore! What's your reaction.
  10. THat's it...bye....

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