Will you be in love with them forever?

Well may people want to know if they are going to be with each other forever right? I just want to show people as i myself was shown there is somone out there for everyone. And how much you know and love the person you are with.

"Will you be in love with the them forever" how much and how ofen do you tell them you love them or think about them? Now you can some what know who you will be with forever. in a few minutes you will find out!!!

Created by: Brittany Wood
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  1. How many times a day do you tell each other you love each other
  2. when you tell him/her you love them what do they say?
  3. What do you do when you frist see him/her?
  4. how many times do you think about each other
  5. what would you do for him/her
  6. when you cry what does him/her say to cheer you up
  7. what question does he/she ask you the most
  8. what do you want to do when ur with them
  9. when you kiss them do they kiss you back
  10. when you hug them do they hug you 2 times as hard
  11. would you

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Quiz topic: Will I be in love with them forever?