Love at Ms Peregrines home for Peculiar Children part 4

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Part 4 is here! In this story line you will experience love betrayal, death and loss of personels. Can you stay without the feeling of giving up? Can you save the people you love? Can you find out the wights and hollows have instore?

Hi guys!Warning: The following scenes may be too gory for young viewers ( Honestly still read it) I hope you enjoy the quiz and quizzes too come. Ms Peregrines home for peculiar children part 4

Created by: PeculiarGirl.1
  1. Jacob walked up next to you and you both looked up at the stars. "They are all so beautiful,""Not as beautiful as you."You both blushed.
  2. "You want to go for a ride?"before Jacob could answer you picked him and started to fly. You flew over the eifel tower and stayed there for a bit. "Whoa!"he whispered you winked and dived. He screamed as you dived until you came up and landed on a bridge with locks all over it. Before the sun came up Jacob pulled you into a kiss. Instead of pushing away you melted into the kiss.
  3. You decided to fly back and sleep. When you woke up the boys were eating crossiants. After and hour or two you went to go find the others, while it was impossible you all gave up andwent to find the american loop.
  4. When you found the loop you ended up in New York and ran straight into a wight. You walked away but he grabbed you. You screamed. "Don't worry everyone she's my daughter she's a bit funny in the head. You made the memories come flooding in and you imagined the guy smashing into a wall with his head smashin, and that is exactly what happened. The crowd concerns gave you enough time to escape.
  5. You and the boys ran and ran. Then Jacob froze. "What year is it?""September the 11th 2001? Why?""Run there is going to be a terrorist attack at exactly...." Jacob never finished that sentence. Men in black came with guns and started to shoot people. "Get down!"Millard shouted but it was too late a bullet headed your way and Millard blocked you. He groan and dived to the floor. "Millard you screamed. You stood up and sung about the terrorists to shoot themselves and they did exactly that. You dove down and cried into Millards bleading chest. "Leila.... I ....I love you,""I love you too," you sobbedhe didn't respond. "Millard? Millard?! Millard!"Jacob and Enoch had to carry you as you bashed their backs to let you go. You silently sung and let the people obey you. You sunk into the bed and cried. You cried for Millard. You cried for Ms Peregrine. You cried for your family, and you cried for yourself.
  6. You must of fell asleep because you woke up and Jacob was hugging you. You checked the other bed to see if it was just a dream but it was the harsh cold reality, the reality that you never wanted to experience.
  7. I'm sorry for the Millard drama
  8. But I have a surprise about Millard.......Do you want a spoiler alert?
  9. Millard isn't dead
  10. That is all I'm telling you. Bye

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