A Guinea Pig's Moment: Part One (For girls only, please.)

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Okay, this is a guinea pig love story. It's about a place where guinea pigs act like humans! At the end you'll find out which of the three options you should date. Also, there may be tricky guinea pig vocabulary words, so look at the following paragraph to see what the mean.

Boar: male guinea pig. Sow: female guinea pig. Mate: (jic you don't know what that is) it basically when animals marry each other, or a animal's spouse. Okay. Go read.

Created by: Weirdhead of this quiz for girls (I'm on as H&K)
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  1. You stand trembling in love. It's the best looking boar you've ever seen in your life, and he's asking YOU to sit with him. "Of c-c-course!" you exclaim, realizing this may be the only chance you get to make a good image of yourself with an awesome boar. As soon as you start thinking of this, you think of Calvin. He's the kindest, sweetest, most perfect boar you've ever met. But he's not very good looking. As you munch on your carrot, pondering this pickle you realize that your mom packed you a cheeseburger and fries AGAIN!! Did she not remember that you hated them?
  2. Then you realize, there's Harold, too. He's really funny and cute. "Ugh," you groan. "What's the matter?" Samson (that's the cute boar... did I mention that?) asks. "Oh, well, I could either like you, and have a good image; like Calvin and have an awesomely kind boyfriend and maybe mate; or Harold and have a funny life." "That is a hard choice," he states. "But I don't think you'll want Harold." "Why?" you breathe, happy to be so close to such an awesome guy once again. "Well, c'mere." He pulls you closer and you shiver. "I was talking to his sister Helene. And she said that he was a player. A huge player. He's broken so many girls' hearts. It's not even funny."
  3. "Oh, tsk," you reply. "It can't be THAT bad." "It is." "Is this just a device to get me to pick YOU?" "No! Alright, maybe..."
  4. "Well, if you think that I'm gonna date you after what you just did--- you're probably right. But don't think so for sure!" "I won't, babe. I won't."
  5. You're walking along the halls, thinking over this question. Who? you wonder. Who could fit? Suddenly, Calvin sees you and runs over. "Hey, Polly! Listen, I've got a question. Will you go out with me?" Your heart stops. Oh, no. Now the worst thing that can happen is... Harold shows up "Hey, Pol. Um, I was wondering if you'd like to go out with me?" …that Harold would show up and ask me the same question. And, as it is with boars who want a certain mate, of course those two started fighting. Then, just my luck, of course Samson shows up and starts fighting for you, too. "Boys, stop!" you shout, in agony. Suddenly everything goes black. When you wake up, you see Harold blushing. Apparently, he accidentally punched you, and therefore you blacked out and came to the school doctor's office.
  6. "Ohhh my head," you moan. Harold appears like he's about to die of shame. Calvin and Samson are smirking at him. So, you think. My choices have been narrowed down slightly for me. When you're allowed to get up and go home, you do get up and go home. (Duh, but, you know, I felt I should include that) You turn on a pot of water for soup, kick up you feet and relax. You're watching your favorite TV show, forgetting all about your troubles at school and with the boys... and the pot of water.
  7. Suddenly, you burst into reality as you realize how warm it is... and that you smell smoke and you can see bursts of fire. Soon, everything's burning except you, but if you can't get somewhere safe soon, you will be too. "Help!" you shriek. You try to walk to the door, but (of course) the ceiling falls a little ways and helps the fire grow. You hear a crackle and a rip, and look up to see a huge piece of firey plaster about to crash on you. You close your eyes and think, Well, now all my boy trouble is solved. But suddenly a huge blast of fur appears, and the next second, you're out of your house and in the street, saved by ___________.
  8. Okay, that's not quite the end of the story. Let me explain. So, with all your reactions, I have figured out who will be your best fit. With your result, you will learn whether Samson, Calvin, or Harold saved you, and with that who you ended up mating.
  9. Also, with your result, you'll learn WHY it's your best fit, and what happened after. Okay?
  10. Well, just press "Submit Answers" and learn it all!!!!!!!!

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