Marcus and Matty (the whole story for girls ONLY)

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Howdy! So this is a short story I wrote, and it's a love story. It's about a high-school girl... you'll learn more in the story. It's really an cool story, in my opinion.

At the end, based on your reactions to each of these part or "chapters" of the story, you'll learn who you're most like. Are you ready? Well, start reading and falling in love.

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. You are Matty, JSYK. Anyway, you are with your bff, Cathy. "There's Marcus!" Cathy shouts. "He's soooooo cute! I wish he'd like me.." "Eh, he's okay," you state. "He's not really my type. Besides, cuteness has nothing to do with personality. I don't fall in love because a boy is cute!" "Okay, okay. I get the hint. But I still love him!" Cathy rolls her eyes. Marcus walks right up to you. "Hey, Matty. How's it going?" he asks. Cathy nudges your arm, but you ignore her. "Fine, Marcus. And how are you?" "Good. Hey, listen, I've got a question. I--" he breaks off, noticing Cathy for the first time. "I'd like to go somewhere alone," he ends, lamely. "Oh, don't mind me!" Cathy gushes. "You go ahead somewhere alone." You shoot glares at her as you walk away. When you get away from Cathy, Marcus says, "Listen, Matty, I was wondering if you'd like to be my girlfriend." You stare at him in shock. "No, thank you. I'm not really interested in a relationship right now," you say calmly, while inside you're thinking, "Is he CRAZY!?!"
  2. You're with Cathy again. "You REFUSED him!?!" she shrieks. "What is wrong with you?" "Nothing," you reply. "I'm sensible. YOU don't even know him!" "I do too!" she yells. "We've said 'Hi' a lot." "That doesn't count." "Does too!" "Does not!" "Whatevs, Matt." (she has the annoying habit of calling you Matt.) "You know, we've been having too many fights lately. I think..." she sighs. "I think we should start looking for other best friends-- for a while." She walks away, leaving you with your mouth hanging open in shock.
  3. You walk the halls in silence. Cathy. Cathy, your best friend, just walked out on you. Then you see Electria, a wacko scientist in your class. She's kinda funny, and she's a good friend of yours. "Hey, Electria! How are you?" you call. She smiles. "Hey, Matty! What's up?" she says. "I heard about... well, Cathy. I'm sorry. But, maybe WE can become best friends? I mean, we've got the same opinion on a lot of things," she giggles. "Including boys." You grin. "Of course! Now, we'd better get to English or Mrs. Rolling's gonna be MAD!" You make a mad dash to English. Today we're writing research reports on a topic of interest to you. You're going to research over the weekend, and give them to me on Monday." Your eyes widen in horror. You slowly raise your hand. "Yes, Matty?" "Ma'am, I don't have a computer." She sighs. "Yes, yes. Right. Um. You may borrow my laptop until Monday." "Yes'm. Thank you."
  4. You're at home researching cats (or dogs) when your SUPER annoying older brother, Calvin, comes in drinking Strawberry Fanta. "Hey, squirt. Whatcha doin'?" "I'm researching stuff for school. Now shoo." "Where'd ya get the computer thing? You didn't steal it, did you?" he asks. Suddenly he chokes and spits Strawberry Fanta all over the laptop. "Oh noooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Mrs. Rolling's laptop! I was supposed to bring that back in perfect condition on Monday!" you cry as the computer dies. "CALVIN RICHARD FILLMINGOR!!!!!" (It's pronounced like fill manger, only mingor.) Your mom rushes in. "Honey, what's wrong?" "He killed my teacher's computer that I have to bring in on Monday!" "Don't worry. I'll call the computer repair company." She runs into the hallway to grab her cells. You hear the convo. "Excuse, me, sir. We've got a computer with pop spilled on it and everythings shut down. Could you fix that?" "Sure could ma'am. By Monday--" your hopes rise. "next week." "But this is very important! It needs to be fixed by THIS Monday." "Alright, ma'am. We'll get it done by then. Bring it on over to our shop at about 4:30 and it'll be done."
  5. Your mom has you bring the computer down. Then you see the guy on the phone was MARCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He fixes the computer and then gives it back to you. "Thank.... you," you say. You realize something important; YOU LOVE HIM!
  6. On Monday, you look all around for Marcus. But he never shows up. You get home and sigh. Life is hard. Electria comes over and sits beside you. "Hey. What's wrong?" "Nothing...……… Well, something."
  7. "What?" she asks. "Well," you start, then tell her the whole story. "Wow," she says. "Well, we can work through this."
  8. Soon, you're at the park seeing if Marcus is there. Then, there's a girl who falls off the much-much-taller-than-usual fireman's pole. She shrieks. She's clearly in pain, but there's no one around but you. Suddenly, you spot some police men in the shelter. You take the girl to them.
  9. "Good job," an officer congratulates you. He's younger than the others, and vaguely familiar. OH! He's, you guessed it, MARCUS! You gasp. "MARCUS!" "Matty?"
  10. At school, you have a free period. You confess how you feel to Marcus and you have a boyfriend.. AND two best friends. Cathy and Electria are now both your best friends. THE END!

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