One Thousand Dreams

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This is a story. About a girl. And she moves to Montana. And cray-cray things keep happening to her. Yeah. I dont really have much to say because no one reads these anyway.

So yeah. This is just a story of a girl. And she has a colored streak in her hair. And her eyes are purple. And thats it. And there is a hot boy in this story, so you should take it.

Created by: Skyler Potter

  1. One thousand nights ago, I had the dream. The dream that has haunted me every night since then. I'm falling. Faster and faster every second. Everytime, I will look up, and see him. A handsome boy with pure white wings. All I ever manage to see is that he has blonde hair, olive skin...and his is really buff. I mean, really buff. I always try to look at him for longer, but everytime I think I have seen all of him, he catches me. And I wake up. Another one with him in rather odd. We are on a date at a restaurant. He is sitting right there, right across from me. But I can't seem to get a good look at him. At the end of the date, he sweeps up the crumbs on the table and puts them in his hand. And keeps them there.
  2. "Astrid," I wake with a start. I just had the dream again. One thousand and one. "What?" I say, rubbing my eyes. Its my little brother, Jayden. He stares at me with his big, brown eyes. "Mom and dad want to talk to us." He scurries out of the room. Great. Its probably about my grades or something. Quickly I put on some clothes and run downstairs.
  3. "Were moving!" Says my mom excitedly. She is holding my dad's hand with a big smirk on her face. Typical mom. "What!?" I say, just like a typical teenager would. Typical teenager. At least thats what I want to be. With my light brown hair with a green streak in it, I am anything but normal. I am an outcast to most. And my one has purple eyes. "Where?" says Jayden. Clearly he would be the type to be happy about this kind of thing. My mom has this look on her face like she can barely contain herself. "Montana!" She finally spits out. I live in New York. This should be a fun trip, shouldn't it?
  4. The Montana air feels thick. And gross. Nothing like the big city...When we arrive at our house, I basically isolate myself from everyone else. Just sit up in my room, and fold my clothes. My clothes...My mom doesnt like my clothes. They are dark and semi-revealing. But I really dont care what my mom thinks. I didnt want to come to this stupid town anyways. "Astrid!" calls my mom. What does she fricken want now? "Coming." I say, as I roll my eyes. And in the blink of an eye, I take a nasty fall down the stairs.
  5. All I remember is seeing my hand covered in blood, dripping everywhere. Then I blink. "What the..." Your hand seals up the cut and the blood is gone. Except for on the carpet. "Sweetie? Are you ok?" my mom rushes over to look at me. "What's this on the carpet?" she says, adjusting her glasses. I stare down at the blood stain...thinking of the right lie. "I...dont know." I say quickly. I shake my head. "You wanted to talk to me?" good subject change.
  6. "I know this is kind of sudden, but you need to start back at school tomorow. Your grades are already bad as it is." my mom says. Having an odd want to not be rebellious, I said, "Fine." And walked upstairs. Im sure my mom was looking at me, dumbfounded. On the inside, I was scared to go back to school, at my old school, as I said before, I was an outcast. I was bullied, ridiculed...It wasn't the charmed life.
  7. School was...WOW. I guess I should start from the begining of the day. I made a LOT of friends. There were a lot of other 10th grade girls who were like me. Outcasts. At lunch time, I wanted to sit by them, but my eyes were directed to a boy in the corner. He was sitting all by himself. He was pretty cute. So I went and sat by him. We talked, and he turned out to be pretty nice...and he flirted with me...oh how he flirted with me. I had never been flirted with before until this day. Things got wierd after we were done eating...
  8. The crumbs. They were sitting there on the table. And as we talked...well...he swept them up and put them in his hand. I stared at his hand. For a really long time. Until he finally said, "What? Did I do something wrong?" I snapped out of it. The dream..."Oh no. I was just thinking." I replied. "Ok." and he continued to talk.
  9. "Goodnight, mom." I said. I hadn't told anyone about any of the abnormalities that had been happening to me. All I did was pretend like none of it had happened. I laid in bed...almost like a normal girl. Then I drifted off into sleep...where I had the dream again. And again. And again. I had the dream 6 times in one night. This had never happened before...
  10. When I wake up, im sweating. And im cold. Gross. I walk down the hall to get a glass of water, and then it happens again. Im falling down the stairs. But this time, everything is black. And im in my own little world of passed-out ness...
  11. I can only hear half of the sentances people are saying. "So.........wrong with........nothing seems to be wrong.........why is this happening.....*crying* "Im not sure...........seems to be.........but also........*more crying*...........dont cry mam............she will be..........but on the other not sure......" And then everything is black again.

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