Electria and Me. What's happening? (still for girls only!)

Okay, first things first. If you have not read it, go read the first book NOW! It's titled ''Marcus and Matty (the whole story for girls ONLY)'' And I can't remember if there's an exclamation mark or not. Anyway, the point is:

THIS STORY WILL NOT MAKE SENSE WITHOUT IT!!!!!! So go read it, now. If you haven't already, of course. But go now. It's not too many quizzes before this, read it and come back.

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  1. You, (you're still Matty!) Cathy, and Electria are walking down the hall. "Can you believe it?" Cathy grins. "Summer vacay is in ONE DAY!!!" "I know, right?" Electria says. "I LOVE summer, but, y'know, I'm gonna be gone... somewhere... for a while." "Oh, that's too bad!" you say. "I wish you ccould stay. Where ya going?" "Um... well.. it's, uh, well--".
  2. "Hey, hon," Marcus startles you. "Marcus! Hi! How are you?" you struggle to say as he presses his lips on yours. "I'm fine. How about a nice, quiet dinner tonight?" "Of course," you reply happily. Then you hurry to the library. "Hi, Ms. Carly!" you call quietly. "Hello, Matty dear." "I've got a question," you say, hesitatingly. "Yes, dear?" "Well, you said you had a boyfriend, right?" She nods. "Well, how did you feel when he asked you... on your first date?" "Well... like I didn't deserve it for one. For another, like I knew nothing about love."
  3. You flop on your bed. "Ugh. Soooo tired. Oh, well. Maybe a walk will lift my spirits," you decide. As you walk to the park, you see Marcus and another girl kissing. You stand in shock, then run away. "No," you gasp when you're out of earshot. "No, no, no, NO!" you shriek.
  4. You recognized that girl. Your school enemy: HADLY FERNHOME. Electria hates her even more; they were never in the same place at the same time on purpose. Or ever, if Electria could help it. *Ding-dong!* the doorbell bursts into your thoughts. "I'll get it!" you shriek. Hadly is at the door. Yes. THAT Hadly. Marcus-stealer Hadly. Hates-you Hadly. "What do YOU want?" you spit out, unmercifully. "Stay away from Marcus. He's MINE. Just leave him alone." "No. I won't," you resist, seeing that her eyes are swirling.
  5. "Gah!" she screams as her eyes stop spinning. "You leave him alone!" ~~ At school the next day, (you didn't go to dinner last night) you see Marcus. "Marcus!!" you call. "Over here!" "Yeah, babe?" "Don't 'Yeah, babe?' ME!" you shout. "I saw you and Hadly at the park yesterday. Why, Marcus? Why?" you ask, crying. "Oh, Matty. She forced me. I-I didn't want to," he says, so truly that you KNOW he means it. "I forgive you." Now, there comes the announcement of, of course, a free period. "C'mon, babe," he cries as he pulls you into the closet.
  6. He kisses you. "What's going on in here?!" screams Hadly, opening the door. "Marcus! Come and kiss me," she says with swirly eyes. You just look away or that'd be gross. You hear Marcus kiss her. You sneak a look. The door has been closed, and he's kissing her nonstop. You slap Hadly. Then---
  7. Suddenly her face--sizzles? "Electria!' you gasp, because that's who standing before you. Marcus snaps back to attention. "I have captured him now!" she laughs evilly as he kisses her. "Marcus! Electria! Why?" "I'm NOT Electria. Well, I am, but figure out the clues! First off- ELECTRIa. Hello? Second-I can never be seen with Hadly. Um, hello? It's OBVIOUS that I'm a shape-shifter robot sent from my home to see if I can feel love!! Which I could!"
  8. He stops kissing her. "Matty, I wasn't snapped back to attention, I know that now. That was a delusion." "Marcus!!! I love you! Electria! Stop!" Suddenly she crashes to the ground. "Why?" you sob. "Well, she's gone." You go to the principal and explain what was going on. "Well," he says, thoughtfully. "Never did get to talk to any parents of hers." He promises to call the government. (Or the school board, he'll see who he can get to first.)
  9. And you finally have that nice dinner with Marcus. After you explain to Cathy what happened. And the people who created Electria were arrested.
  10. Thanks for reading this! And this is the last book unless someone insists that I make another.

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