The Cursed One (part 1)

Jinglebells don't moo, they quack!!!! ****READ THIS**** If you haven't read my story Apollo's Curse, then this will most likely make no sense to you. So please read it to understand.

This is a story about a girl named Megan and she's cursed. She's 16 and it's now summer. She's a demigod and her father is Apollo. Please enjoy reading this and please comment and rate thanks ~Meg.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  2. After 6 months of battling Gaea, we have been loosing. No matter how hard we fight her, she finds a way to push us back. The only thing keeping her from completely taking over is Jason, Percy, and me.  We are our strongest offense and defense. Alaina and Annabeth are our strongest planners. Jake and Dylan- (who by the way has officially become my boyfriend)- are our best weapon builders. Dakota and Clarissa are our best pep talkers- yeah, I know. It's kinda strange that two children of Ares are good pep talkers, but they seem to get the other demigods riled up- and are our second best fighters.  I walked over to the Athena cabin- where Alaina and Annabeth are planning out the attacks- so I know where to go next. 
  3. "No, that doesn't seem right. But, if we send Percy here," Alaina said as she pointed to a spot on the map, "Megan here," She said and pointed to the opposite side of the map, "and Jason here," Alaina said as she put her finger close to the middle of the map, "then they all get their advantages." She finished off.  "Oh, I see. That way, Percy is close to the rivers and swaps, Jason is in the mountains, and Megan is in the desert." Annabeth said.  I cleared my throat, making them look up at me.  "I'm going to the desert? Why?" I asked them.  "Because the desert is really hot, and you can control fire." Alaina said slowly, and then I started getting it.  "So, instead of a forest fire, I'm going to make a desert fire?" I asked them. (I accidentally made a forest fire in Illinois).  "Yep, and it should either slow them down a lot or at least kill some of them." Annabeth said.  "Are there other half-bloods there? Or am I going alone?" I asked them.  They glanced at each other, then looked back at me.  "Alone." They both said.  "Do you think it's wise to send Jason, Percy, and I in different directions? What if the fire gets out of control and then I start another forest fire? Or a cactus fire?" I asked them. 
  4. "You can control the fire that you made, Megan. Now get packing. You leave in an hour." Alaina told me.  "Where am I going?" I asked them.  "The Mojave desert." They replied and then I walked out the door.  "We've decided to shorten the time for your arrival. The faster the better." Annabeth called after me. She was standing in the doorway and I was in the middle of the dirt road.  I threw my arms up in the air and rolled my eyes. Luckily, she could only see my back. I turned around with my right hand on my hip.  "How long do I have now?" I called back to her.  "20 minutes.... Or less." She said and then walked back inside.  I stormed off into the Apollo cabin. It was empty, due to the fact that they were all fighting or in the infirmary, healing injured demigods.  I walked over to my bed and pulled out the chest under it. It had my traveling cloths in it. I grabbed one of my red shirts that had loose, flowing sleeves and the shirt stopped right above my abs. It was tight around my upper half of my upper body. I also put on a pair of jean shorts.  I tapped the sun on my chest and my necklace, ring, arm rings, and circuit around my head appeared. I tapped the bow and arrow on my necklace and examined it. It had some sword slashes in it from when a monster snuck up behind me and I had to fight it with my bow. (I won in case you didn't know). 
  5. 'Maybe Dylan or Jake could fix it before I leave.' I thought and then closed the chest and shoved it back under my bed. I stood up and walked out the cabin. My unlimited stack of arrows were in it's sheath, which was slung across my back.  I walked over to the Hephaestus cabin to find either Jake or Dylan. Before I could reach it, I bumped into someone.  "Oh my gods I am so sorry." I told whoever I bumped into as I steadied him or her so he or she wouldn't fall over.  I looked at them and noticed that it was a girl about a year older or the same age as me, with blonde hair and piercing light brown eyes. I looked up and noticed that Chiron- who I met about 2 weeks ago- was with her.  "Are you okay?" I asked her.  "I'm fine." She said.  "Tara, this is Megan. She has a kind heart but don't get on her bad side or she will literally throw you down a hill." Chiron said with an edge on his voice. Once he found out what I did to Drew, he got really mad at me, but even more mad at everyone for letting me do that.  "She deserved it." I snapped at him.  "What did she do?" Tara asked.  "She gave me this scar." I told her and then turned to the side so she could see the stab wound scar on my right side. I guess I must've turned a little too much and she must've seen part of my back because her eyes got really wide.  "What happened to your back?" She asked me. 
  6. "She got lashed over 100 times saving my life." Jason said as he walked up to us.  "How?" Tara asked us, curiosity getting the better of her.  "We were both captured and taken to this place full of demons and other monsters. They suspended Jason in the air with chains and started lashing his back. At that time, I couldn't remember who he was, but I told the monster to stop and he said that the only way that he'll stop is if I traded places with Jason. So, I did." I explained to her.  "How did you escape?" Tara asked.  "Megan screamed and disintegrated the monsters and it also healed me, but not her. And she was also very sarcastic towards me when I was getting her down." Jason told her.  "When in doubt, sarcastic it out." I told him.  "Okay, well anyway, Dylan is looking for you." Jason told me.  "Where is he?" I asked.  "By the lake." He replied.  "Who's Dylan?" Tara asked.  "Her boyfriend." Jason said as I was walking away. 
  7. Once I could see the lake, I saw Dylan pacing back and forth and he had a package in his hands. When he saw me, he smiled but then quickly saw what I was wearing and it faded.  "Where are they putting you this time?" He asked me when I got closer.  "The Mojave desert." I replied. Dylan's eyes widened a little bit.  "Megan, that's the hottest desert in the U.S. What are you suppose to do?" He asked me.  "Set a fire to slow down Gaea's forces." I replied.  "Well, just in case your bow gets even more damaged, I made these for you." Dylan told me and then gave me the package.  I opened it and inside was 4 golden knives and four cases for them. Each of them had Greek writing on it. One said: Nekros. It was the Greek name meaning deadly. Another said: Aello. It was the Greek name meaning whirlwind. The third said: Ainippe. It was the Greek name meaning swift mare. The last said: Areto. It was the Greek name meaning unspeakable.  I smiled as the sunlight reflect off of the knives. I touched each of them and then touched the sun on my neck. They disappeared and I felt something appear on my legs. I looked down and saw a black strap around my right thigh with Nekros in it's sheath. Another black strap was on my right calf with Aello in it's sheath. The same on my left leg. Areto was on my thigh and Ainippe was on my calf. 
  8. "Thanks." I said to Dylan while still examining the knives and how they seemed like they were made for my body and my quick movements when it came to a battle.  "You're welcome. It seemed like your kind of thing." Dylan told me and I gave him a hug. He lifted me up in the air and spun me around.  "Megan! Let's go!" I heard Annabeth call my name.  "Promise me you won't do anything stupid?" Dylan said.  "Oh come on now. You should know me better than this. I do stupid stuff all the time." I told him as he set me down. He kissed me.  "I know." He said and then I walked away, towards Annabeth. I couldn't help but notice Tara staring at me as I touched the missing spot on my necklace and my bow and arrows appeared on it.  "Hurry up! We don't got all day!" Alaina yelled at me.  "I'm coming!" I yelled back at them, ignoring Tara's stares.  "You're not going fast enough!" Alaina yelled at me, making some other demigods stop and stare at us.  "I think this is a pretty fast fast-walk." I sarcastically replied.  "That's not even your fastest fast-walk." Alaina told me.  "If it has the word 'fast' in it, then it's fast." I told her and then we were walking next to each other. 
  9. "We're going to the Athena cabin first before you leave." Alaina informed me.  "Why?" I asked.  "To tell the others and to tell you guys what you need to be doing." Alaina explained and we took the couple steps up into the Athena cabin.  Annabeth, Percy, and Jason were waiting for us. When they saw us enter, their heads shot up.  "There you are. We've been waiting like 5 minutes for you, Megan." Annabeth told me.  "Well sorry." I said sarcastically.  She ignored my comment and started talking about the plan.  "Now, Jason, you will be in Colorado. You have the option to pick which ever mountain you want to be on because they will be coming from all of them." Annabeth told him.  "Percy, you will be in Destin Florida. They should be coming by boat onto the shore." Alaina told him and Percy nodded his head.  "Megan, as we already told you, you will be in the Mojave desert, located in southwestern California. Your objective is to create a fire and slow them down. Same with you guys. Except, Jason, you will put up an electrical fence made out of lightning, and Percy, you will flood the boats and make them sink." Annabeth told us and we all nodded our heads.  "Megan, you and Jason will be leaving in less then 2 minutes. Percy, you will be leaving in 20 minutes." Alaina told us. We all nodded our heads and walked outside.  I looked up at the sun and it was still 3/4 black. The gods have managed to get the sun back to it's original color 1/4 of the way. I know that once we set foot outside of the camp, it'll become darker because of the black sun. Now, the gods say the rest is up to us.  Octavian and Gaea still think that I'm dead. I've kept my distance in the battles I fought. If any monster got close to me, they wouldn't be able to tell anyone that I'm alive, because I would kill them.  "Ready to leave and be seen?" I heard Jason's voice ask me as he came up behind me.  "As ready as I'll ever be." I replied and then walked towards the camp entrance/exit. 
  10. We dropped Jason off at Colorado and the night sky was up. The driver pulled out of the mountains and I could still see Jason watching us leave. When he was still in sight, he all of a sudden started running towards us. I didn't know why, but I had a bad feeling. Just then, our car got t-boned and I was hit on my left arm. Our car then went rolling down a hill side, or mountain side- (I honestly wasn't paying attention to where we were)- and my head hit the cars inside a couple times. I was really dizzy when it stopped of whatever we rolled down.  I looked around and I saw some blood on the places where my head and arms hit.  'Great, just what I need.' I thought sarcastically.  Before I could move, I felt the car being lifted into the air and thrown back down on the ground. This car was completely crushed and it was now split in half.  A head came into view and I saw a bulls face/head. It had red eyes and black fur. I knew what I was staring at. I was staring at a Minotaur. 
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!! Please comment and rate. Bye.

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