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  • sweet, the minotaur (not sure if I spelled it right :P) back. again. would've thought that it might takea few decades to return, but with Megan's "luck"? Of course not. she a spy or something? I definitely don't like the way she asking a whole bunch of questions...and then with Dylan...

    Megan: Tara, if you value your life, stay away from my boyfriend.

    Tara: I want to see you try

    Megan: *arms burst into flames* you wanna see me try now?


    LOL, I love doing this, it cracks me up so, I thought everyone knew about Megan? If that was true, then why did Tara not know? Something's getting fishy here...

  • Sorry about The Lightning Girl, I have writers block on that story. So, I'm just waiting for it to thunderstorm here because thunderstorms always get me thinking more clearly for some reason. And thank you.

  • Part 2 is out!!

  • I KNEW IT WAS A MINITOR! (or however you spell it XD)


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