How Cursed Are You?

There are many people who complain about their supposedly horrible lives, but is anyone actually destined for tragedy? Is anyone actually cursed to be beaten by the odds in every case?

Maybe YOU are! (This is not the greatest thing to claim.) Why don't you take this quiz and see if you are really a person with bad luck, or just a complainer.

Created by: SparklyScarlett
  1. You do your homework everyday, but the teacher never checks for it. Well, today you forgot your homework.
  2. You just got a new pair of suede shoes! You put them on and walk outside.
  3. You normally have toast for breakfast, but you ran out of bread, so today you get cereal.
  4. If you wake up past 10:00 in the morning, you will miss your favorite show! So you set your alarm clock.
  5. You just played a 3 octave D Chromatic scale on your flute, and you've been trying to get that right forever! You try to show your mother.
  6. You've been looking for a ballet workshop for ages! You finally found one!
  7. You only like one boy/girl in your class. You don't really care about the others, and there is only one boy/girl that you hate.
  8. You go to a restaurant where your best friend is the manager, hoping to get a deal.
  9. Traffic is never backed up. But today you are in a rush to get to an important meeting. You can't be late!
  10. It's your first time leading the band on stage! You are so excited and nervous!
  11. You find an old [something] and throw it away, thinking you'll never need it again.
  12. You have had to wake up early for the past six Saturdays. Finally though, this Saturday you get to sleep in!
  13. You just found out about the Web Design project today.
  14. You are doing a Document Based-Question for your AP exam, and you are hoping to not see a picture as one of the documents.
  15. You are playing softball and you are in the outfield. You are always ready, but the ball never comes your way, so you lay off a little.

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