The Rogue Archetype Test

We all have our secrets. Sometimes we just want to be alone. In the land of Hyboria treachery and primal instinct is the very gravity that binds this cursed land together. Will you even attempt to put your despair aside and work toward civilization? If so, this is not the quiz for you.

If you believe you have what it takes to make it on your own survival instincts, primitive intuitions and heartless drive, please take this test. We will uncover what type of rogue describes you best.

Created by: Hoxie
  1. The wind blows cold from the north
  2. Where do you rest your head?
  3. A powerful stranger clutches your throat. You are unarmed and choking
  4. A sexy, charming man or a lady (your preference) sits next to you as you drink. He/she begins to caress your face and slowly starts to pull down the hood of your cloak.
  5. You are pursuing a thief that stole your ring through a crowded city street. You lose him in an busy cross section. A beggar comes up to you begging for a coin.
  6. You receive a foul tasting beer at the tavern.
  7. A lion growls as you scale down the castle walls
  8. How would you describe your course of thought?
  9. Your vision is suddenly blurred.
  10. A chill rushes over your body as you feel an invisible figure brush by you.

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