Are You A Lucky 8 Ball Victim?

Lucky 8 Balls are a cause of addiction and really obsurd decisions. People end up overly obsessed with these toys, which results in depressing lives, lack in decision making, and a feeling that u can never part with it.

Are you one of these unfortunate beings who are obsessed? Find out by taking my quiz. Answer truthfully, and fate will decide the rest for u. Well, what are you waiting for?! Take the quiz!

Created by: Alana

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How often do or did u use a lucky 8 ball? (or any toy like it?)
  2. What did u ask it? (be specific)
  3. wut did it answer? did u do wut it said?
  4. Do u believe in magic 8 balls??? (answer truthfully. the only thing that could happen is that one haunts you in ur sleep.)
  5. Did u buy anything or say something cuz it told u to?
  6. Do you still use ur Lucky 8 Ball now?
  7. Are you guilty of pampering that ball?
  8. Do you regret your obsession with the ball?
  9. k, quiz is almost over. tell me, will you get over this obsession.
  10. Do you feel this quiz has helped you in any way?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Lucky 8 Ball Victim?