What kind of paintballer are you

There are very many people in the world and the mass mojority has shot or wanted to shoot a paintball gun.But are you a real paintballer. And if you are are you a hill ball player or a speed ball player or are you just some one that wants to shoot people.

Try this Quiz and see if buying that gun to shoot the next door neighbors dog has turned you in to a true paintballer. Or if it has just got yu introuble with the police for shooting inicent by standers or stop signs.

Created by: shane
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  1. What kind of gun would you most likely use.
  2. What is your favorite thing to hide behind when playing.
  3. How often if you could afford it would you play
  4. What Kind of paintball would you use.
  5. Co2 is the only air that can be shot in a paintball gun.
  6. A Flat line barrel has a bend in it.
  7. Paintball guns take batteries.
  8. Nitrogen is better
  9. What would the name of your paintball team be.
  10. Cheating is fine as long as your the last one the team.

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Quiz topic: What kind of paintballer am I