Which girl are you?

Disney Princess Quiz. "Pineapple is naturally. Where a fruit cup and a smile. Something satin, throw a hat in, and a purple parasol. That's how to make an entrance at the ball. In a panic, think organic, look at this one size fits all."

Disney Princess Quiz. "Now you can be the beauty at the ball. I think you should lose the silly nest thing. No way! I'm the one whose been to these before. I know orange taffeta's the best thing. Yes, the best thing to ignore! BLAH!!"

Created by: Sarah, Rebekah, and Julie
  1. What is your favorite food?
  2. What's your favorite color?
  3. What's your favorite animal?
  4. Are you smart?
  5. Which one is most like you?
  6. What do you hate the most?
  7. What's your favorite season?
  8. Do you like to sing?
  9. Who's your favorite Barbie character?
  10. Who's your favorite person on X-Men?

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Quiz topic: Which girl am I?