What kind of Ball State student were you?

Ball State is a school with a reputation. Where did you fit in? Were you partying your tuition away or did you mean business. How do you compare with the rest of the students....find out now!

Did you make it through good 'ol BSU in one piece? How did others view you? In just a minute you'll find out! Take this short quiz and see if the truth still hurts! haha

Created by: Tara
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  1. Did You Graduate from BSU?
  2. What was the name of the green house on riverside?
  3. What was your average G.P.A.?
  4. When you lived off campus...what was the average number of roomates you had?
  5. Which of these terms did you know best?
  6. Which building did you seem to be in the most?
  7. How much drama did you incur while there?
  8. How many people did you sleep with while there?
  9. Ever have to run from a party?
  10. What music were you most likely into at the time?
  11. What were your friends like?

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