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If you dare.. into into the world of DBZ and test your knowledge of the world that is.. Dragon BAll!!! if you feel that you have reached this recording in error please hand up and try again.. if you need help, hang up and then dial your operator. ... beep beep beep beep beep

Do not mess up, Do not stray from the path or .. well you'll just never finish this thing and then I will have done this all for nothing!! And for my next trick .. I will atempt to throw this goldfish in the air while singing the theme to Jaws the movie and moving my hands in a motion that would make most nuns wanna do the limbo....

Created by: james
  1. How Many Say-jin's survived after Freeza destroyed the Planet Vegeta?
  2. After fusing with kami, what is Goku's new joke name for Picoclo?
  3. What is Vegeta's ultimate desire?
  4. When meeting Bulma meets Gohan for the first time, what profession does he tell her he wants to be when he grows up?
  5. Where does Yajarobi end up living through the rest of the DBZ series?
  6. Who wins the world Martial Art Tournaments in the Buu saga?
  7. After Piccolo destroys the door to the Hyperbolic Time chamber, how does Supper Buu escape?
  8. Who Broke the Z sword?
  9. How many times does Goku die?
  10. what mess up does the series have in GT?

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