Dragon Ball Z "Who Am I?" Character Quiz

If you're a fan of the Dragon Ball Z series, take my latest quiz. This is a "who am I?" quiz that will test your knowledge of the various characters who appear throughout the series. Think you have what it takes? Step up and take the challenge.

Depending on how will you do, you will be rated in six categories, depending on how well, you do on the quiz. Are you going to be remembered as a Hercule-esque coward, or will you ascend all the way and become the next Kami?

Created by: Taylor
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  1. I devoted my life to the protection of the Supreme Kai, and later accidentally fused with him through the usage of the Potara earrings.
  2. I was a martial arts student under the sensei Mutaito. My attempt to seal away the evil King Piccolo failed and resulted in my death.
  3. I've been a desert bandit and a baseball player. I'm always accompanied by my shape-changing cat companion, Puar.
  4. When Majin Buu attacked the world of the Supreme Kais, he was in his original "kid" form. But when he absorbed me, he lost his unpredictable personality, and inherited by temperment and appearance.
  5. In the entire Dragon Ball Z series, I never died once.
  6. When Majin Buu destroyed the world, I was NOT killed in the blast.
  7. In the alternate Future Trunks timeline, I was killed fighting the Androids.
  8. Of all the Saiyan characters, I hold the record for most Great Ape transformations (movies and anime-only fillers DO count.)
  9. When Cell self-destructed (only to later regenerate), I was NOT killed in the blast.
  10. Despite his reign of terror and destruction over the earth, Majin Buu was never able to absorb me.
  11. I died three times. Once against Tambourine, once against Frieza, and once against Super Buu
  12. I refused to fight anyone except for Goku. However, desperate times called for desperate measures and I fought Cell. Unfortunately my Hell's Flash attack was not enough to finish him off.
  13. Until I fought Goku, I thought I was the fastest living thing in the universe. After Goku knocked me out, Vegeta killed me by crushing my neck. And then, as if things hadn't gone lousy enough, I got knocked into Hell's Bloody Pond.
  14. When my father was denied the throne of Kami, I began seeking revenge. The first major step in this path was having Shen Long grant me eternal life.
  15. I'm the only female in the entire saga to ever do a Great Ape transformation.

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