Wings of Fire Love Story Part 3 (Girls Only)

It’s even worse now that Peril has released Darkstalker. It’s up to the Jade Winglet and The Crystal Winglet to stop them. Will they all compromise or will be a pandemic.Find out

Darkstalker is now on the loose teaching some apprentices that have animus powers. There is also somthing wierd going on he feels trusted but at the same time dangerous.They will also run into a new warrior friend. I’m so sorry but since i didn’t read book 10 well i can’t really explain the prophecy very well sorry.

Created by: Liberty Christianity
  1. You might wanna take part 1 and 2 if you haven’t.Mmmwwwaaahahaahha Thank you little dragon for freeing me. Peril-*gasp* *lungs at Darkstalker* a dark blue blur comes in and attack Darkstalker’s face. Darkstalker throws the blue blue into the cave wall and there was a black hole in his eye. Owww star vomit and trees of vipers heal by all the sand. The hole in his eye fades and it’s good as new. The dark blue blur was a rainwing with a one wing. Urhhh ow ow ow the rainwing winces.
  2. “Im fine the rainwing snapped” *limps away*Wait says a deep voice*picks up dragonet and heals her*Don’t make me use my venom again.Oh thanks I mean thanks. Tempest is that you? Said Belladonna. Bell it can’t be *hugs each other and scales turn pink* everyone-What? Guys this is Tempest my best friend! You have friends? She used to she was the happiest dragon in the tribe before I left said Tempest. Why did you leave? To prove to the tribe we aren’t lazy. Is that how you lost your wing? Yep. I can enchant that if you like. Oh would you that would be great!
  3. It’s benn 5 days since we released Darkstalker. He seemed friendly so far. Darkstalker-Swiftclaw,Sunny,Belladonna you must be my great, great, great I’m losing track niece and nephew. What makes you think we’re that said Belladonna. Weren’t you related to foaslayer. I geuss. Hmmm you have Arctic’s personality. (There was a hint of manance in his eyes. Anemone, Swiftclaw your just the dragons I wanted to see.
  4. All right class today each of you must sing a song and a special guest will be watching Darkstalker. The icewings froze in terror. Whitestorm your up. Whitestorm -why me. §Ooh it’s a scary bad dragon, he’s gonna kill us, he’s gonna kill us I hope he doesn’t I hope he leaves soon. Ummm very interesting Whitestorm. For the last time I don’t do that said Darkstalker. Tempest your up.Tempest-starts singing in Latin (everyone-confused) I did it so there. Ummm Tempest it has to be.... Goodbye professor Sunny! *runs out of the room/cave.* later that day- ummm Uncle Dark I cant decide who I like best Belladonna, Tempest, or Silverstone said Swiftclaw. Well you said Silverstone already likes somebody, you can’t marry Belladonna since she’s is related to you so I choose Tempest.
  5. Swiftclaw-I know Darkstalker said don’t do spells without him but this is an emergency. I can do this, I enchant Tempest the rainwing to be crazy about me.Anemone-turn into opals and diomands she commanded the pebbles, turn into a mop and a bucket of water. Now go hit that dragon really hard until I say it’s done.
  6. Tempest- I was training in the arena when all of a sudden it hit me. *gasp* Swiftclaw I’m in love but where is my Swify poo. *runs to him where anemone is*Moonwatcher-ow ow ow stop that *tries to wrestle the mop down and kinkajou tries to help.Anemone! Swiftclaw! What are you doing, booms Darkstalker. Hi we were tryin clean our room but the things went haywire and all of a sudden Tempest likes me. Spare me your lies you try to munipulate my emotions try to cause a dragons feelings! Just a little one. *turns Tempest back to normal and the mop.
  7. 12 hours later Anemone is digging in the sand holding a dagger.Turtle-you wouldn’t. Anemone-Darkstalker said don’t let anybody get in your way so looks like i will taking the throne. Turtle-you can’t do that. Anemone-watch me.Turtle-dagger turn to sand forever! Anemone-What? Turtle-I’m an animus to. Anemone-No it can’t be I’m the special one with special powers. Turtle-yes but only because of me. Anemone-you didn’t create me! *lungs at Turtle* so fighting goes on for a while. Then they finally compromised. Then Darkstalker summoned them and all the animuses all across Pythia.
  8. There’s one more animus out there. Now show yourself! Very well summon the rainwings. 3 rainwings walk in binded “you know you could ask us nicely we would have come said Kinkajou. Not all of us said Tempest. Show yourself now or these dragons go bye bye.
  9. No! So Turtle shows himself, Tempest gets thrown into jail.Belladonna forgot since Darkstalker enchanted her too.Turtle lost his powers.Please forgive me but I didn’t read book ten very good so I’m skipping a lot. Ok so I think their friends got them out and Darkstalker met his mother again than Darkstalker ate a strawberry than he turned into a dragonet again half nightwing half rainwing and it was Kinkajou who did the spell so she’s the hero. So Darkstalker is now Peacemaker.We did the same with Swiftclaw but now he is Starry Night. The characters that were originally in part 1and 2 who weren’t in here mysteriously dissapeared. We believe they made a happy family on a deserted island.
  10. Sorry guys but I’m done making these this is my last one on wings of fire love story part 3 I’m so sorry for all the spelling errors I’m a working progress. I hope you liked it. One teensy favor please don’t copy my characters which are Skyfire,Tempest, Belladonna, Whitestorm, Swiftclaw, Jackel, Luto, Silverstone, and my seawing which I forgot the name, and the icewing dragonet which belongs to Whitestorm, and Starry Night. Thank you taking this quiz, does not effect score.

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