Wings of Fire: Jade Mountain Love Story part 1

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Welcome back! And today, the quiz topic is Wings of Fire. But it's no ordinary WOF quiz, this is a roleplay love story! Spam Jam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, this has many parts like a part one, part two ect.ect. and the people/dragons you can fall in love with is no other than the Jade winglet, a.k.a my winglet. Have fun!

Created by: Turtle
  1. First, let's verify your tribe.
  2. Time for roleplay!
  3. you get to Jade Mountain and get a brochure/map. then, you see a green/teal colored Seawing doing something weird in the hall. You:
  4. You startle him and everything he was just holding flies everywhere. Do you help him pick it up?
  5. If you chose yes (if you didn't, press I didn't choose this), you start picking stuff up and say:
  6. If you chose no (please just answer this anyway), you finally get out of the messy hallway and go to your cave. There is a Sandwing and an Icewing. What do you see first?
  7. After a few seconds of an awkward lovestare, the Sandwing breaks the silence and asks you your name. What do you say?
  8. You learn that their names are Winter (Icewing) and Qibli (Sandwing). After chatting a bit, a Nightwing walks in and says, "Hey guys." she says directly to you, ''Oh, are you our new clawmate? Well hi, I'm Moonwatcher.'' . You respond by:
  9. They all say they are heading to the food cave and invite you to come. Do you go?
  10. At the food cave, you see that Turtle guy again. Then all of a sudden, he manages to trip over a chicken that Clay had left out by accident and dropped his fish everywhere. Help him pick it up?to be continued...
  11. Did you like part one of this ultimate quiz?
  12. will you like and comment?
  13. are you sure?
  14. okay then, bye!
  15. One more thing: don't forget part two!

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