Wings of Fire Jade Mountain love story! ( Part 1)

Welcome to my first quiz! Sorry if you don't like it very much. In this little roleplay thing, you play as a SandWing named Fennec, and you can decide how she acts it different situations!

You can react with politeness, PROTEST AGAINST WHAT EVERYBODY SAYS, or... I DUNNO JUST DO YOU. I think you should REALLY speak truth, just so you get the PERFECT results.

Created by: GirrafePancakes

  1. It's your first day of school, and you have no idea where your cave is. You bump into a IceWing. "HEY! Watch where you're going!" He growled. What do you do?
  2. (If you did one of these: Roar, Yell) He looked down, his face suddenly sad. "Sorry," He said. "I'm Frost." He added.
  3. (If you said sorry) The Icewing looked at you then looked ashamed of himself. "Well, I'm sorry as well. I'm Frost. You?"
  4. After your encounter with Frost, you quickly found your way to your cave, thanks to Clay. You see a SkyWing and a SeaWing in the cave as well. What do you do?
  5. "Oooh! A SandWing!" Mused the SkyWing. "Hi! I'm Garnet." She introduced herself. "Your tail looks really cool!" Said the SeaWing. "I'm Hawksbill." You....
  6. It was time for battle training with Tsunami. As soon as you get in there, a NightWing and a SandWing are fighting. The NightWing slashed his big talons out, and the SandWing raised his venomous tail barb. What do you do?
  7. The NightWing immediately stopped fighting when you came in. "Sorry..." The NightWing mumbled. "I'm Darkheart, and that rude dragon is Cactus." You...
  8. After battle training, you go to the art cave. You see a small, green, purple and yellow RainWing there. He looks up, then quickly mumbles: "Um, hi, I'm Toucan. Ermmm, gotta go." How do you react?
  9. You are hungry and so you go to the prey center. You see a big, burly MudWing there. He looks at you and smiles. He then drags his cow over to you then sits. "Want to share?" He asks.
  10. (Time-skip cause I'm lazy lol) You are walking back to your cave, and feel talons grab you. You breathe flames at the attacker, and he shouts in pain. You get released,. The dragon then knocks you out.
  11. You wake up with 3 dragons surrounding you. "Oh, good! You're awake!" You hear Hawksbill say. "Are you hurt?" Says Mallard. You feel cold talons set you on his back then lay you down in your cozy sand pile. Who do you dream about?

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