Wings of Fire Love Story Part 1

Here is a Wings of Fire love story, my second project! I really love Wings of Fire, and I got inspired by other Wings of Fire love stories and made this.

Hopefully this is awesome and isn't a waste of your time, and maybe this will become really popular, who knows. Be sure to check out my first project too (it's called Wings of Fire Story).

Created by: Benika James
  1. It is the first day at Jade Mountain and it's time to meet your Winglet.
  2. There are five girls and one other boy in the Sapphire Winglet. Who do you choose to sit by?
  3. The seats next to them are full, so you sit in an empty chair across the room. Tsunami tells you to introduce yourself.
  4. After the meeting, you go to your sleeping cave to see who your clawmates are. When you walk in, you see three beds. A pile of moss, a rock ledge, and a sandbox.
  5. Suddenly Air comes in talking to Starshadow and you realize they are your clawmates. "Hi." Starshadow whispers to you.
  6. You are hungry and you go to the prey center, where you see Mango sitting alone. You go and talk to her.
  7. Suddenly Mango walks away towards her sleeping cave. You realize she has a private cave. You follow her and see that she is making fireproof chains and metal bars!
  8. Then Mango turns and sees you by the door. She then camouflages and knocks you out.
  9. You wake up in the chains that you saw Mango making earlier before she knocked you out. She comes out of the shadows and smiles.
  10. "You are finally awake," said Mango. "I was wondering when I could tell my story. Of course, I'll just kill you afterwards." She laughed. "I am not who dragons think I am. I am evil! I think the worst for everyone. But, I love you." She then kisses you, and you pass out.
  11. While you are unconscious, you dream about...
  12. You wake up with everyone except Mango standing over you. You are in the infirmary and everyone looks worried.
  13. "Where is Mango?" you ask. "She's been expelled. She literally tried to take your memory away. We caught her just in time." Seashell explained.
  14. Then, Starshadow gasps. She stares at you with her eyes open in shock. "You have a crush on ______!"
  15. You blush. "Uhhh no I don't! Yeah TOTALLY NOT!" Everyone is staring at you. Swamp breaks the silence. He turned to Starshadow. "How did you figure that out just now?"
  16. "...Well...I can read minds! I'm sorry but I just didn't want you guys to be afraid of me!" Starshadow says in a rush.
  17. Then she falls to the floor. She speaks in a strange voice, like she's being possessed."To change the future You must look through And find the hero Inside of you Seek the village Filled with humans and pets Find it in the desert So let's adventure West"
  18. Do you want Part 2? Or is this a super dumb project that I shouldn't have wasted three days on?

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