Wings of Fire Love Story-Part Two

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Hi! Since there are only... Well very few Wings of Fire love stories, I have desided to make one! It’s my first time, so PLEASE do not judge this, cause that would be mean.

Welcome to the second quiz! There are a few updates: 1: You do NOT have a specific name! 2: Two secrets get reviled! Eeee! I love this! I hope you’ll have fun doing this!

Created by: BookAnimal
  1. It’s the second day of school but it’s the weekend! What’s gonna be the first thing you do?
  2. (If you chose Breakfast) While heading down the hall, you bump into Salamander. “Hi! Going off for some breakfast?” He asks.
  3. (If you chose library) As you enter the library you see Shallow reading in a corner. You walk over to him. “Hi!” You say. He jumps.
  4. (If you chose fighting) When you enter the training area, you see Falcon fighting a dummy. He sees you and says, “Oh hi! Care to practice? I’ll go easy on you!”
  5. (If you chose BlackThorn) You walk to his cave and he bumps into you on his way out. “Sorry-” He says.
  6. (If you chose FoxTail) You just then noticed that she’s not here. You go to the art room and see her painting a sunrise
  7. During your time, you’re told that your Winglet, Sapphire Winglet, are going to the waterfall. How do you react?
  8. You go to the waterfall to see FoxTail,Salamander, BlackThorn,Falcon, and Shallow. Falcon and Shallow are casting angry glances at BlackThorn while Salamander is casting strange glances at him.
  9. BlackThorn looks down at his claws then says, “I’m gonna go flying.” As he stretches his wings, FoxTail murmurs to you, “Imma see if he’s okay.”
  10. While Shallow try’s to teach Falcon how to swim, Salamander comes up to you. “Hey um, I need to tell you something.”
  11. You walk behind a big rock and he sighs. “Okay, so I like, have a crush on someone...” “Who?” You ask.
  12. “It’s BlackThorn.”
  13. “Please don’t tell anyone.”
  14. At the end of the day, you go back to your cave and dream about..?
  15. Before you did fall asleep, FoxTail had told you, “I figured something out about BlackThorn. BlackThorn-” But you fell asleep.

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