Wings of Fire Love Story-Part One

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Hi! Since there are only... Well very few Wings of Fire love stories, I have desided to make one! It’s my first time, so PLEASE do not judge this, cause that would be mean.

Welcome! You are an Icewing girl in Jade Moutain! (Sorry if your a boy) There are twenty five questions that I have written, so PLEASE enjoy! And leave if you don’t like Wings of Fire.

Created by: BookAnimal
  1. It’s the second day at Jade Moutain!
  2. Your roommate, FoxTail is still sleeping. She is a Mud-Rainwing.
  3. Before you walk out of your cave, you grab a...
  4. You read your scroll as you leave your cave. Since your not looking, you bump into another dragon. “WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING!” He says.
  5. He growls fiercely, but when you look at him he stops. “Oh dear, I’m SO sorry!”
  6. “My name is Falcon”
  7. “Oh! My name is...” Guess what your name is. P.S, your an Icewing.
  8. “IceFang” Falcon smiles. “Pretty name.”
  9. You walk down and eat breakfast. You finish a bit earlier then you and head down to the library.
  10. When you go in, you see a SeaWing reading a book in a corner.
  11. You walk over to him. “Hi!” You say. He jumps up startled. “Oh, hi...” He says in a shy voice.
  12. “Umm.. I gatta go” He then rushes out of the room. FoxTail then comes in.
  13. “Why did Shallow run off?”
  14. “Well, I think he has a crush on you.” FoxTail says. Oh, and Salamander wanted to see you. “Ok”
  15. You go to the Feeding Cave. You see a Mudwing waving you over.
  16. “Hey! You left this here!” He hands you your scroll
  17. “Guess you really SCROLL it! (Love it) Ha ha ha!” Salamander says this in a kind way.
  18. Just then, you hear a bang and crash from out side.
  19. You see a Sandwing and a NightWing fighting eachother. “Back off BlackThorn!” “No!” He slashes the Sandwing.
  20. You step in the middle of them as the Sandwing was about to use his barb. “STOP!” They both stop
  21. “Why?! That NIGHTWING was trying to be an evil DEMON! to me!” The NightWing just growled. “What’s his name?” You ask.
  22. “His name is BlackThorn” The Sandwing says through gritted teeth.
  23. After every thing is explained, you seem to find a soft spot in BlackThorn
  24. The day has ended and you and FoxTail were drifting off to sleep. “You know, I think he likes you” FoxTail says.

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