Wings of Fire Love Story-Part Three

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Hi! Since there are only... Well very few Wings of Fire love stories, I have desided to make one! It’s my first time, so PLEASE do not judge this, cause that would be mean.

Welcome to the third quiz! This one may be shorter, but there is A LOT of writing! Also, a heads up for the next quiz, BlackThorn will be gone for a bit that you can only find out by in the quiz.

Created by: BookAnimal
  1. You wake up the next morning and FoxTail is reading in her hammock. You remember her trying to tell you something about BlackThorn, so you:
  2. After you ask her, she looks at you and says, “Oh right.” She suddenly gets a cold look in her eyes. “He is evil. He has plans to take down this school. But I also learned that he has a weak spot for you.”
  3. “But- lets not get into this.” Despite her not wanting to, you still ask:
  4. FoxTail sighs then says, “I’ll answer both. He says that he hates that the war is finished and that it should start back up. How, I don’t know...”
  5. “Whatever you do, stay AWAY from him!” FoxTail calls as you leave the room. As you’re walking down the halls, you get pulled into a dark cave.
  6. A small plume If Fire lights up a candle. Salamander is Standing there. “I’m sorry, our fire went out this morning. I had to ask, did you tell anyone?”
  7. He sighs. “Good.” When you arrive at the eating cave, you see Clay helping everyone. Then it’s time for battle training with Tsunami.
  8. After a long day of work, you start to walk down back to your cave. But strong talons bring you into a dimly lit cave.
  9. You can’t make out the shape of the dragon, but he’s big. “You know.” Says a gravelly voice. You can tell that he’s trying to hide it.
  10. “What?” You ask. “You heard me. You also know my weakness I presume.” He asks.
  11. The candle burning in a back corner is suddenly bigger and brighter, making BlackThorn’s dark purple scales look like armor. “You do, don’t you? Don’t lie.”
  12. Instead of getting made his expression softens. “I didn’t want you to find out like that... But, one question, do you love me?”
  13. BlackThorn then says, “I must try to stop people from finding out. And, that also includes you. I was giving a gift from an Animus to let me erase others minds.”
  14. “So before I erase yours-” BlackThorn leans in and kisses you. Then all you saw was black...
  15. Okay, this was pretty cool, right?

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