Wings of Fire Love Story (Contains LGBTQA+)

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Hey fam! KindledsunTheTortie here! Sorry, this time I forgot to add a “Nobody” option, and after you move on, you can’t add a result. Sorry! I wish that didn’t happen…

This is my first Wings of Fire love story! Not my first Wings of Fire quiz, though. I actually made one called “Which of my Phyrrian OCs are you?” It has a different creator because I didn’t know that I could make a user. Thanks for playing and enjoy!

Created by: KindledsunTheTortie
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  3. 100 years after the events of the Lost Continent Prophecy, all the Pantalan tribes live in peace. Today is Flick’s metamorphosis. You, Spring, and Featherhorn are all there. Spring tries comforting Flick, and it seems to work a little. Featherhorn bites their lip, with a worried expression for Flick. At this, you:
  4. You end up comforting Flick as well. “Thanks, guys. I will not see you for a while. I think I am ready.” Flick says as he walks away to spin his own cocoon. His glowey wrists spin bright silk, as he curled up inside of the silk he spun. You gasp at the shimmer the cocoon emitted. Featherhorn backs away, and Spring widens her eyes. “I read something about this once… glowey silk like this means… oh no.”
  5. “…It means he’s a flamesilk.” Spring finally sighs. “What’s a flamesilk?” You ask. Featherhorn facetalons. “A flamesilk is a special type of silk that can light things on fire, or just simply glow.” Featherhorn mutters to you. “Hm, should have known.” You grunt. You and the other two walk away.
  6. 5 days have passed since that day, and today Flick will have new wings. The guard lets you in, and you see Flick lying limply on the soil. He sees you, and tries to get to his claws, but stumbles down and gives himself an embarrassed face. He grunts, but spreads his new wings. They are orange and a dark turquoise, with green flecks on them. Featherhorn congratulates him, and Spring smiles blankly. You walk up to him to help him get up, instructing him on how to walk?
  7. Eventually Flick remembers how to walk, so you leap back up the ledge to the others. The three others look at each other, exchanging glances. “[Y/N]?” Featherhorn sighs. You cock your head. What were they hiding? “Yeah?” You answer. “We…” Flick starts. “We all love you. I mean- we want to be with you.” Spring finishes for Flick. You gasp, and your eyes widen. “Wait.. is this.. is this true?” You say, exhaling. They all nod. Who do you like?
  8. (Whoever you chose will now appear as [Y/C].) [Y/C] Walks up to you. “Really? Me?” They ask. You nod. You hug them, and your face turns red. You all grew up as great friends when you were younger. But… it took them six years to tell you? Hopefully they could all still be friends… the other two could like each other?
  9. 3 years later, you and [Y/C] are mates. The other two are also mates, with 3 eggs on the way. You have talked about it with [Y/C], and they seem to think that you should have eggs at some point. (By “you” they mean you or them.) You agree, thinking that raising a family is a good idea.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!! Yeah, this usually happens in my stories, deal with it.

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