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So good news my ally's allies! Lol! I'm making a which kingdom you should live in! And then I'm going to make a Wings of Fire character generator! So yeah...

So also, I know I'm usually Starburst, but right now, I'm Sunray the SandWing. Also I'm FINALLY (hopefully) getting a Kinect to play Just Dance! So Avery, I'm going to help raise money, too.

Created by: Commander Sunray
  1. Which is prophecy is real (has come true, possibly will come true)?
  2. Who did Moonwatcher end up in love with?
  3. Who destroyed Darkstalker's scroll?
  4. What made Kinkajou and Turtle fall in love?
  5. Who was the first dragon Sunny saw die of the Dragonbite Viper?
  6. Why is Sunny odd-colored?
  7. Why did Morrowseer want Glory killed?
  8. Who is the queen of the SandWings?
  9. Who killed Prince Albatross?
  10. Why is Queen Battlewinner covered from her own tribe?
  11. What will the 13th book be called?
  12. How did Morrowseer die?
  13. Is Clearsight still alive?
  14. What is the Eye of Onyx enchanted to do?
  15. Who did Glory first kill?
  16. How is Clay immune to Peril?
  17. Who is Tsunami's family?
  18. Who is Starflight's mother?
  19. What did Indigo name her pet octopus?
  20. Which alive false dragonet of destiny did not appear in The Brightest Night?
  21. When Burn was bitten by the snake, who was screaming the loudest?
  22. In which book did they include Turtle's POV?
  23. Why didn't Tui T. Sutherland make a POV about Kinkajou?
  24. Who did Deathbringer first kill in Assassin?
  25. Which of these unnamed (dead or not born yet) dragonets don't exist?
  26. Which song did Liberty think was best for Clay?
  27. Which dragonet does not go to Jade Mountain Academy?
  28. Which line is in The Lost Continent Prophecy?
  29. Why doesn't Starflight have powers?
  30. What was Moon's first word and where was she born?

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