How Well Do You Know Wings of Fire

Do you know Wings of Fire? Take this quiz to find out! In here you'll find question about the five dragonets, the dragons in the Jade Mountain prophecy, and Darkstalker.

Take this easy quiz to see if you can be crowned Wings of Fire champ! (The crown is bronze of course) Once you've past this quiz you can move on to others and keep flying higher!

Created by: Ava

  1. What Does Tsnunami first think her sisters name is?
  2. What is the name of the SkyWing that watches the dragonets in the cave?
  3. Which ancient dragon was born under three moons, was half Icewing, and was an animus?
  4. Which dragon does Qibli have a crush on?
  5. What is Sunny?
  6. Who is Winters father?
  7. Does Darkstalker have dragonets
  8. What is special about Clay?
  9. What will Jade Mountain fall beneath in the prophecy?
  10. Last Question!! Who is Perils father?

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