How Well do you know Wings of Fire

How well to you know Wings of Fire? Are you as nerdy as Starflight or will you be scratching your head like clay? Take this quiz to find out how well YOU know Wings of Fire!

Do you think you read well, catching every detail? These are the hardest wings of Fire questions I could think of so get ready! There will be spoilers (obviously) and it will be hard!

Created by: Yellowfang :)

  1. Who is Starflight’s mother
  2. Which IceWing animus gave the gift of light
  3. Mightyclaws is in the......
  4. The Queen of the MudWings in Darkstalker (ledgends) is....
  5. The two SkyWings that visit the SeaWing Palace in darkstalker ledgend are....
  6. The RainWing Queen that has tons and tons of Sloths is....
  7. The dragon that Queen Scarlet Killed during Kestrel’s Trial in The Dragonet Prophecy Was Named:
  8. The dragonet that had the idea for the smoke signal that led Queen scarlet to the dragonet’s Hidden caves under mountain was:
  9. The first Dragon Glory Killed with her venom was:
  10. What book is Darkstalker first mentioned in
  11. In talons of power what was the spell turtle used to show Anemone he was an animus

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