Do You Know Wings Of Fire?

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Do you like to read Wings Of Fire? Do you want to see if you know it well? Do you have a weird addiction to and want to do a quiz? Then this is a good quiz for you!

This quiz will see if you know your Wings Of Fire! It will ask you questions about who dragons are, what dragons can do what, what book is this, etc. I hope you have fun doing this quiz!

Created by: Cooper
  1. Who is the copper color dragon with blue eyes?
  2. Who is the most caring dragon in the universe?
  3. What is the first part of the dragonet prophecy?
  4. What is book 1 called?
  5. What dragon can read minds?
  6. Who is the old SkyWing Queen?
  7. Who is the new SkyWing Queen?
  8. Which book is about the dragon named Glory?
  9. Which book is about a dragon named Moon
  10. How many books were in Wings Of Fire in November 2017?

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