how much do you know about wings of fire( spoiler alert )

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in these questions there will be a number and you half to read that book to read the question................. .. .. ... .... ... .... ... ... ... .. ..

this is your guide to knowing how much you know about wings of fire. .. .. ... .. .... .. .... .... .. . . .. . ... .. .. ..... .. .. .. .. ... .. .. .. .

Created by: copperdragon

  1. what is the first line in the dragonet prothacy book 1-5
  2. what is the order of the books and who is the main character in them(1-5)
  3. what tribe is umber in book 1
  4. in book nine how did darkstalker make it so turtle has no powers
  5. who's the sandwing in the jade winglet book 6
  6. who's the jade winglet nightwing book 6+
  7. will you skip this question
  8. I have not read the last book but I have read darkstalker who is dark stalkers father and what tribe is he in
  9. what cute pet did glory get in the rainwing village book 3
  10. last but not least who was moons unknown friend in book 6

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about wings of fire( spoiler alert )