which first arc charicter are you wings of fire

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WINGS OF FIRE if your reading this you probably read this series and it is AWSOME!!! so you all know the dragonets of destiny right? well what one are you?

yay yet another wings of fire quiz but hay random horse:hay? me:get out well go on enjoy this awesome quiz or make your friends take it even if they hate dragons:)

Created by: ashley
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  1. there's a school party. do you go?
  2. where are you at the party
  3. some one starts a game of spin the bottle do you play?
  4. the bottle landed on your crush who is it?
  5. its truth or dare time now!you in?
  6. truth or dare?
  7. truth: who's your crush dare: kiss your crush
  8. your favorite song comes on what do you do?
  9. is this a good quiz *going into clichey I hate*
  10. your leaving the party and the wings of fire chericters come and ask you to help them what do you do?

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Quiz topic: Which first arc charicter am I wings of fire