Which Dragonet of Destiny Are You?

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In the world of Wings of Fire, there are five Dragonets of Destiny, dragonets in a prophecy delivered by Morrowseer. They are supposed to help save Phyrria from the Great War. That is their destiny.

Have you ever wondered which of these dragonets you are most like, or which would you be? Which role you would play in the series? You can find out here with this quiz!

Created by: Clayflight
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  1. You see a bully threatening your friend. You: (choose most likely answer)
  2. Someone who annoys you A LOT falls and cuts their knee badly. You:
  3. Feelings
  4. Fighting or Words?
  5. Your friend's sibling hurts themselves and begins to cry. You:
  6. Someone you really like starts saying swear words one day. Then, at some point, they call you one of those swear words, maybe not totally meaning it. You:
  7. How do you think others describe you?
  8. Grab someone else, please. Now, how do people really describe you? PERSON, BE HONEST OR I GIVE THE QUIZ-TAKER PERMISSION TO SLAP YOU!
  9. Scavengers?
  10. Temperature?

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Quiz topic: Which Dragonet of Destiny am I?