What do the Dragonets of Destiny think of you?

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Hi everybody! This is my FIRST QUIZ! *cheers* Ok, so today you will be meeting... bum bum bum buuuuh! THE DRAGONETS OF DESTINY! Cool, right? Yeah. Are you excited or not?

If you chose not, please go away, because this quiz will be (hopefully) FUN! Whether your favourite dragonet is Clay, Tsunami, Sunny, Glory or (my personal favourite ;D ) Starflight, you will see what they think of you! LETS GOOO!

Created by: Anaira

  1. Me: *walks into the room*, Hello there! Are you ready to meet the Dragonets?
  2. Me: Everyone, come on out! *Sunny sprints over to you* Hi! Nice to meet you!
  3. *Clay, Tsunami and Glory walk out*Tsunami: Nice to meet you, Y/N. Glory: Hello.Clay: Hi there!
  4. Me: *looks around* Hey, where’s Starflight?*Everyone shrugs*Me: oh no.
  5. You: *see eyes blink at you in a dark shadow in the corner of the room*
  6. Me: *follows your gaze* Starflight! Get out here! *Frowns*Starflight: *slowly walks out from the shadow*Clay: Wait, you were there the whole time?
  7. Me: Ok, now that we’re all here, who wants to ask the first question?Everyone except Starflight: Me!
  8. Me: How about we go in book order?Glory: *nods**Pause*Tsunami: That means you, squid brain. *pokes Clay*Clay: Oh! Ok.. what’s your favourite-Tsunami: *tackles Clay* Not your favourite food AGAIN. Clay: MMF! (Ok then!) *gets up* What is your least favourite food?Glory: SERIOUSLY CLAY.
  9. Tsunami: My turn.Me: Alright.Tsunami: Who is your favourite villain?
  10. Me: *looks at Glory*Glory: How would you fight someone?
  11. Me: Starflight?Starflight: Uh.. you know what, Sunny, you go next. *looks at ground*
  12. Sunny: ok then! Hmm. Do you like us? *hopeful look*Glory: this I want to hear. *looks at you**Tsunami and Clay look at you*
  13. Sunny: *whispers* Starflight, your turn.Starflight: Oh. Uh.. um.. d-do you like s-scrolls?Tsunami: Knew it.
  14. Me: Dang it! It’s time to go! Sorry, everyone.Clay: aaaw.Glory: We had fun. Nice to meet you, Y/N. Tsunami: See ya soon!Sunny: Byyye, I loved meeting you.

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