What wings of fire dragon are yo

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This quiz is going to tell you hat dragon of Wings Of Fire you are are you a Rainwing,Mudwing,Seawing,Sandwing,Nightwing or a mysterious lost dragon you are amazing

Yep ignore this cause I have no idea what to write bible babble babble babble so yeaaaah okay this is definitely informative about this Quiz don’t read this

Created by: Aurora
  1. What pet out of these is your favourite?
  2. Which dragonet is your favourite?
  3. If you were a dragon what meal would you choose?
  4. You are a Mudwing in a battle with the icewings what would you do first
  5. what do you play the role for
  6. out of these what would your name
  7. Your an animous what would you enchant
  8. Which would you like to die from
  9. If you could be a Queen would you
  10. You are a pheasant you have no food then the queen decides to bring you up to be her adopted child what do you say

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