How much do you know about Wings of Fire???

HAYE PEOPLES!!!!!!! I made this quiz because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Wings of Fire books! THEY IS AWESOME amiright?So here is your chance to test your knowledge, Wings of Fire fans!

BUT BE WARNED. This quiz contains SPOILERS GALORE, so your eyes might explode before you finish the quiz. JK! The likelyhood of your eyeballs exploding is zero percent. Enjoy!

Created by: KrazyGirl765
  1. Who captures the dragonets of destiny first book first arc?
  2. What is queen scarlet's obvious favorite phrase?
  3. Which one of the female Dragonets of destiny becomes queen?
  4. Which dragonet goes blind in book four?
  5. Who does Peril obviously have a crush on?
  6. In what book do the dragonets of destiny find out that the Dragonet Prophecy isn't real?
  7. What alias did Tsunami come up with for Glory's RainWing venom?
  8. What is a dragon that has magic (like object manipulation, telekinesis, etc) called?
  9. Which of these dragonets (arc two) can read minds and see the future?
  10. What is the school founded by the dragonets of destiny called?
  11. What is the lost continent's name? (arc three)
  12. What is Queen Wasp's main power?
  13. What do Blue and his friends call a scavenger (human) when they encounter one?
  14. Did Blue's sister die in the first book of the third arc?
  15. What do both Blue and Luna have?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Wings of Fire???